Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ibogaine, Step By Step, Version Three

I don't know how many of you have been following ,my blog recently, but I've now had three attempts at self treating with Ibogaine at home, each time I failed basically due to running out of iboa and not having enough for boosters and top ups for PAWS...

It';s not ultimatum, time, it has to to work this time!

I have 75 root bark capsules on order, and have just ordered one gram HCL and one gram TA which I will take at the same time for a flood dose, i;m currently using around 0.2g of heroin a day and this amout of Ibogaine should be enought to cover thsis!

I ahould have recived it all by Tuesday, so I have a few days to prepare, take my supplements, sut my use right down and not use for at least 24 hours beforehand... IT  HAS TO WORK THIS TIME...

The main difference being that I have lots of root bark capsule boosters of afterwards which i'm sure will make all the difference"

Im on a whole food diet, have started taking homeopathic medicine and will probably do a coffee enema the day before.. I havent touched methadone for months  now so that shouldn't be a problem, just heroin..

I managed to got myself some 'comfort meds' this time too (diazepam) that will make a hell of a lot of difference afterwards! I was craving them first time, just to get some sleep!

So I will try and update every day, probably won't be able to when I'm on the actual ibogaine but I promise I will after! and During as much as  can!

Wish me luck, will keep you all updated!



Gledwood said...

What's the difference in effect between ibogaine root and ibogaine hydrochloride?

If I were buying it I think I'd go for the hydrochloride purely because it is purer and I'd assume it would be less likely to induce nausea/etc... or am I totally barking up the wrong tree there....

So do you think you under-dosed yourself before?

0.2g heroin is very little.

Just changing the subject slightly, you know Americans PAY for methadone, about £10/$15 a dose (irrespective of the size)... which really begs the question why not score a $15 baggie and be done with? I would! I'd be less addicted feel less shit and get way more for my money. Until this drought the equivalences given for methadone doses came from Lar Lar Land. I felt way better on one £10 bag than 100mg methadone. Fair enough the juice held me longer, but while it lasted the gear was infinitely superior.

Just felt lke having yet another antimethadone rant there, haha!

Best of luck with iboga HCL. Be sure to report the differences, if any between that and rootbark :-)

Gledwood said...

What the fuck does a coffee enema do? I'd imagine it might give you rather fragrant farts but beyond that, are there any benefits..?