Saturday, 3 December 2011

Petition to stop the amazing Sarah Glatt from facing police charges!

The petition is this here:

Sara Glatt is one of the best-known ibogaine treatment providers for the Western world. For more than a decade, people from all over the world, suffering from drug dependency were seeking her help in order to concur their addiction. With a high percent of success rate, Sara Glatt was able to help hundreds of people by using the psychoactive substance called Iboga, which effects the complex interactions between multiple neurotransmitter systems and can restore the proper functioning of the brain's neurochemistry. The substance has shown incredible results in treating addiction. In many countries the substance is banned, in the Netherlands this is not the case.
Unfortunately one of the world's most well-known iboga treatment providers is currently facing legal troubles, after a fatal accident on the highroad A2 on 18 March this year, where a man was hit by a truck. The man was suffering from alcohol dependency and soon after he received his treatment, he demanded to leave. The man quickly started getting aggressive towards Sara's youngest daughter, so having her hands tied, she took him out with the car, trying to talk him out of his idea of leaving so early after the treatment. He demanded to be left in a nearby hotel, where later during the same night, Sara had sent a volunteer to check on him. During the visit, the man seemed well, but unfortunately on the following morning news about his accidental death on the highroad was reported back to Sara Glatt.
She is currently facing arrest warrant and legal actions with the Dutch authorities.
What Sara Glatt did was trying to help, the same way she has been helping for over ten years to people who were seeking her help.
A mother of five children, who was legally providing iboga treatments for people, who seek them, should not be held in such a position!


Sanspareille said...

Thanks for providing the other side of the story. The impression one gets from the media is that she treated him in a hotel and left him there. This clarifies a lot. Nightmarish position for her to be in.

everybody said...

Is Sara Glatt as innocent as she makes out? it looks like she will not ever treat people with Iboga again. Why did she leave him at the hotel?

Sid said...

Maybe I should make clear, I didn't write the piece above, it's quoted from the petition page... I really have no idea what happened, I just know Sarah through the Ibogaine 'scene' and she's a well respected, experienced provider with a good track record for treating desperate addicts, often for little monetary renumeration.

Tom said...

Why petition for this lady?

He was given Iboga in her home, he started acting aggressively and he left. He killed himself the next day while still under the influence of Iboga.

He must have been having one bad trip!

She had a duty of care to AT LEAST bring him to a hospital.

I cannot believe why people are even bothering with this. It reeks of double standards. Would you sign a petition to assist a psychiatrist or a psych hospital if someone killed themselves shortly after they were released?

PS: When a person steps in front of a TRUCK, the vast majority of the time it is a suicide.

Anonymous said...

My name is peter from holland.
I have bin treated by sara with iboga.
What novadic couldnt do in 15 years, iboga did in 3 days.
Whithout the treatment from sara I would not enjoy my life the way i do now.
It even cured my longlife depression.
You cant imagine in how manny earias my life has improved by iboga.
And i still feel the benifits of it.
It was a lifechanging spiritual experiance for me.
It was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Thank you sara, with all my heart.
The newspapaer call you a witch, but to me you are a angel.
Bless you.

Gledwood said...

O man that sounds like the true definition of a fucking mess and I agree with Tom usually when you step in front of a truck it's suicide.

Sid said...

I think that's basically what happened, whe treated a guy for alcohol, he wanted to leave, she tried to stop him, when he became aggresive with her and her kids she let him walk.
He then apparently walked onto a motorway, wether it was intentional or not, the police want a scapegoat, and as he still had Iboga in his blood stream at the post-mortem, they are blaming Sarah.
Sarah's house is like the most well known, ibogaine based detox in Europe, probably the world, she has treated hundreds of addicts, many of whom now treat other addict's themselves.
She treats in her house, with her children around.
She's a dedicated, good person with good intentions.
Unfortunately when detoxes don't work for people, they tend to blame the detox/provider and the above negative comments are evidence of that.
Sarah can give many postitve examples of her work with many happy clients.
As I said, I dont know her, just of her, I do know that when I did my DIY Iboga treatment, I bought my Iboga from her, and even though all communication was via email I was talked through all my concerns and questions, and Michelle from IbogaWorld even called me once when I was panicking. They even sent me a gram, of HCL on 'tick' when I couldnt afford to buy it and was struggling with PAWS. I cant think of a company that would send theyre product on the understanding it would be paid back 'as and when'..?!

Kelly said...

They send you it to make "MONEY"...Its like a business for them..I honestly do not believe they care so much that they will look after you after iboga, from that your on your own.

Sara may be good to some folks but to others she wants to make money, what happens afterwards is not her concern. What people do not pick up on is the deaths which occured in Sara's house and under Sara. There have been many including those who did a health test but died because of iboga, the did not have any pre existing health issues nor used prior or afterwards, but they died.

There are also no long term studies of iboga. If you look at the stats its very poor, many go back to using, do you know why this is? because when that iboga glow reduces itself whether its after a week or a month or 2 months eventually the iboga glow will let go, when that happens your septible for cravings and deep depression, that what makes people relapse, more so then coming off methadone or other opiates. Coming down on opiate paws is nothing coming down on iboga glow, since iboga is very powerful and has anti depression qualities its obvious when that iboga "come down" affects you then you will be more prone to relapse.

Kelly said...

here is also evidence of mental damage. Studies in rats showed brain damage from iboga & ibogaine. Those people who after iboga try to become so called Shammans tend to have their mind messed up..The Bwiti tribe keep doing iboga persistantly because they "have" to do it as it has affected their brain. Am sorry but can you really trust something so old as iboga from an ancient civlization in Africa? why do iboga patients suddenly go on a mission to treat other addicts? obviously it has hit them deep. Many iboga users want to rake root bark on a continious basis to feed their cravings, I thought the whole intention of iboga was to get clean and subdue cravings?

All am saying is people should look at the facts and long term before making judgmental..We do know what happened between Sara and that guy but if am honest I would say Sara cares more about money and her own digesting of iboga then addicts..I have spoken to people who have had a terrible experience with iboga and were treated by Sara, she did not respond to them and said its their own problem, which mayb be so but the fact is they are more interested in making money then the well being of the patient in the long run...Which provider would let you do iboga at home? common use your head folks. That is dangerous, not because it can only kill you but can give you life long terrible experience..The depression after iboga is a big concern..Its a addiction interrupter which is enough to put off many folks..Nothing works until you help yourself. Eventually when the iboga glow comes down you'll be very down depressed, you need to let your brain and receptors heal slowly and get use to reality, but iboga suddenly makes that vanish, but only temporary, so when it does come down your in for a shock and worse off then if you just ct heroin. Take it from experience...Sara also should not have give iboga to that guy before evaluing his mental frame and pshycal frame..Am sorry but like any businessman/woman she cares about making money, what happens post iboga is down to you, be warned about that..Dont be so gullible and stuck in that junkie mind praising something and someone you have no clue about long term.

That Peter to me seems a shill or Sara herself, wouldnt be suprised..Remember iboga can give you a terrible experience which can stick with you for the rest of your life, many deaths have occured and many have relapsed..No long term data on it or the long term damage it can do to your mind..Beaware trust me on this.

Kelly said...

Lastly she claimed she does not sell iboga over the net nor outside the net nor is ibogaworld her site hmmmm strange if you ask me.

Sid said...

I dont understand why your so anti Sarah Glatt, Kelly,?....

Your id was linking to some detox centre before, I let your comments through as now it isn't, as far as I can see, you are a rival detox centre, using my blog to bash her/Sarah's House, which is unnaceptable...

Sid said...

'Kelly' , your profile was linking hto this address before ... Explains a lot.... Why did you change user id?

Kelly said...

Sorry I am not registered with that sie or any nor am I a rival detox center. Ive done iboga numerous times for the past 10 years so I do know what am talking about. I wont go too deep but take it from experience on what am saying.

Am not bashing Sara. I did say like any businesswoman and man they tend to concentrate on money more then consumer, thats a fact...All am saying is that we DONT KNOW what really happened but the more I read and hear about this story the more am leaning of a terrible iboga experience..Sara should have evaluated the dude before giving hiM iboga..You do know Sara consumes iboga right? did you know that?

Am also saying be careful of iboga in the long term, it only takes away few of the acute withdrawals but after that your on your "OWN" its post withdrawals why many relapse and iboga does not deal with that. I believe UK to be one of the best countries on earth and if iboga was such a help then it would be legal in this country. Its illegal for a reason so can you really trust what addicts and suppliers say? look at the long term data and see how many folks struggle post iboga.

Thats all am saying, business is business. The guy should not have been given iboga, now imagaine what it can to do people who have had a terrible childhood? or trauma? thats what many people miss out on..So all am saying is be careful before you take this iboga..Believe me I know!

Anonymous said...

sid can you send me a message telling me roughly how much you paid for your ibogaine please.

Bianca said...

I paid around £1,800 including 1 month of root bark as boosters and am still rattling. My doc was heroin and methadone. I say it took away about 15% of withdrawals, but thats like a drop in a bucket. I think there is a good reason why its not widely legallly used in the United Kingom, it doesn't really get rid of with withdrawals espeacially if you have been a user of heroin for a long time and methadone. That chills and depression was the major issue for me which lasted a good 5 months even with several root bark boosters and TA flood. Its 1 weeks abstainance if you ask me but thats IF YOUR LUCKY. But hey this is just my experience but needless to say others in the same boat report the same experiences. If you do a net search most who used ibogaine relapsed because of PAWS like I did. I feel it was a waste of money in my eyes. I could have felt the same symotoms had I never did the trip. I wouldnt say the 36 hour trip was awsome, my focus was eliminating withdrawals but I still rattled. All I can say is do at your own risk and beware of PAWS and the killer depression, do not listen to pvoviders and shills.

solider said...

i think its too much, your better off seeking alternatives, the mental cravings will always be there. i did ibogaine to get off mscontin and i still had withdrals so i cannot imagine how heroin, methadone and bup users feel, from what i read its absoultely hell to get off them even with ibgaine.

Sid said...

Thats a real shame Bianca... yep it is expensive, I think I spent about that on my DIY home treatments, I think having a provider would make a difference.
Iboga isnt a cure all, it took away 95% of my acute WD's for the first 36-48 hours or so post flood then i started to get crawly and jittery.. boosters helped it's just a case of having enough!
Long term opiate abuse will always cause PAWS and depression, I came off 120mls methadone before and was suicidal for a year! But stayed clean for 3.. this was before i'd ever heard of Iboga.. if anything I found the Iboga relieved my depression..

Im not for or against Iboga, I just documented my experiences on here as honestly as I could.

I will say that after being to rehab nearly ten times doing traditional tapers and cold turkey style detoxes, Iboga was a walk in the park!

It's just when it starts to wear off the trouble starts.. that's when you need boosters! especially for LAO's like meth/sub

Robert said...

How long rougly can one take boosters if they tapered bup all the way down to 0.2? this considering they did a flood 3 weeks after stopping bup?

Markus said...

It makes me really sad to read negative comments on Sara and iboga treatment because i lived for a week in her house and was treated like a familiy. It takes a lot of courage to do what she does; to welcome into your home a complete stranger who is an addict is something not seen very often.
I had a successful treatment and so did others who were there at the same time. Four of us: methadone, cocaine, crack and subutex addict (me).
To a fellow subutex addict who is thinking of taking iboga i strongly recommend to switch to methadone or heroine at least 2-4 weeks before the treatment.
I was preparing myself physically for about a year before the treatment by doing various exercies (swimming, yoga, five tibetan rites), long walks through the forest, etc...
The treatment is not a pleasant one in the beginning (far from that)...and the morning after? No depression, no coldness and the food tasted so good i can not explain it with words.
Taking a walk and breathing fresh air after the treatment got me so high like no drug ever did.
Due to the fact that subutex stays in the body much longer then heroin i could not sleep right for about a month and i still felt uneasiness in my legs but my main problem (depression) was gone for good.
As i have heard from few people it is much easier when you're on heroin (3-4 day blues) or methadone (1-2 weeks).
Without Sara Glatt and iboga treatment it would be impossible for me to get rid of this addiction and i will use this opportunity to thank her again.
There is a lot of information on internet; educate yourself, make a plan, stick to it.


Sean said...

Markus how long were you on Subutex for?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

I planning to take 1.5 hci (83 kg)you said that "The treatment is not a pleasant one in the beginning"culd you tell me more about it please.