Friday, 31 August 2012

Day Ten?

So, day ten I think! 

I feel great, no cravings, zero withdrawal symptoms, not fiending

Fuckin amazing drug! 

Will update at day 30 with a proper run down, apologies if I hasn't replied to comments, I have the brain of a five year old. 

Anyway, the shit works!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day Nine Update!


Day nine!

Cant quite believe it myself!

Aside from the lethargy and boredom I'm doing great!

No PAWS, no restless legs, no depression!

I know its only a week, but it's still a fuckin week!

I'm still taking bark micro doses every day and did a 200mg HCL booster earlier.

All in all, a very successful detox! 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day Three! Post flood! And a small quick Draft if my Notes

Im wiring this to reduce harm reduction please feel free to copy and post
It's a general edit is the big lack I got together in case anything went wrong!

I'm hoping that, although I may not be  popular for doing this, I know our average junks can afford minimum £2,500 per tx. So here's. All my notes I'll be undoing it too

(Make sure you include your EKG and blood rulers in the pack!

Dear A&E consultancy, in the case you ever need to see this, I wish to I for, all my state
Medical conditions:
Prescribed meds:

Ibogaine hydrochloride, hallucinogenic root bark from the shrub Tansrnante Ibos

A full syntheses Is now possible which brings the single, believed 'addiction interruptor' ibogaine alkaloid hydrochloride (HCL)
This is the heavy shit. For people with latge methadone or suboxone.

(Ialso included a list of attached contrasidicarions!
'safe' drigs that have been iasuswd in combo with ibo are, but no way limits too:Benzodoazepines, yehretoo, lidocaine

'danger drugs with ibo:
Opites! (ibo resers opiate tolerqnce to near zero and a few people have died like this!diazepam may help with anxiety

(A bit about ibo)
Ibo prolongs at, you MUST be have a BP and oxi cuff, ibogaine slows the hart right now ,I've dropped to 43 pm, toward he end.
I've also made a graph observing my starts, I've kept all the days and will keep writing out up now!The booklet consists of, on the front page, all my gp details, my weight, height, sex, dob,  age

I did to though! I've stuck my dings up at that nasty bit of work Dr Sarah Metcalf, I'll never be going back again! Waney! I'm duckin clean!
Letter of absolvtion:
Goal of detox, to attenuate acute wd,

(so this is verbatim)
Detox goal, to detoxify from a fifteen year heroin addiction using an African shrub. It grows all over the world, mailmy Gabon or Cameroon.
My daily dose WAS

200mg split three ways over the day, every six hourse
I successfully and painless cutdown from 600,gbdakt to 100mgm in a week!

Impossible right!?
Sorry, anyway, back tommy letter/ER emergency letter.

Day three post flood! I'm on top of the world!

Day four!

Well, I have to say, it was a painfree, comfortable, gentle detox.

I think what save me fro the PAWS though was for the two weeks leading up to my detox I was micro dosing root bark daily around the 2g limit before you get into psychoactive dose range..

Tolerance builds quick with RB and I know a few people that can easily manage 4000mg daily.,!

So, my experience, I had a sitter, checking my bp and pulse evy thirty minute. No visuals but just knowing that that 100mh HCL 'test' will get out out of trouble.

Last time I tried ibo I was on pretty hefty methadone dose.
Methinks such a long acting opiate, I think has a17,5 half life, so .you imagine taking that insidious disgusting deign day after day, 72 hours half life, on that half life builds up.

And that's why, looking back now I didn't do with research, I didn't/ couldn't afford it. 

So here's a few titbits,,,

My conclusion is if your coming from methadone or suboxone, it's a VERY good idea to swap to a Sao, for a minimum two weeks pre-flood!
providers work in different ways, Sarah Glatt ont used 'TA' (total alkaloid extract From the iboga shrub. , around 15% stronger Usually)

Medical stuff, is ESSENTIAL, im not trying to put a downer on you or put you off, but, any provider with their salt will require an EKG, full Blood Count and liver function test, the physical should examine you liver too for size
So, essential..

AS for me I haven't slept for four days Now, benzos dontn touch the sides with rewards to heroin, 

Anyway, I'm feeling very positive, I've been to a meeting and arranged a session with a psychologist next week :)

I think im doing great,day  three, 72 hours since last hit, and ZERO,ZILCH withdraw symptoms at all, now shivering orrls, nothing! AMAZING!

The film maker Dacid Graham Scott,from the original 'Detox or die' has been with me the whole tome,time, looking after me, im a,little overwhelmed about the generosity of juarez Facebook friends have need so generous and kind and I'd love  to pay back at some point! 

We had a couple of hairy moments, my pulse Dropped to 42bpm at one stage 

Anyways when im more together I'll pit s doc together onto ISC
Bp graph,medical conditions, absolving of provider met..

But for right now, I'm on top of the bloody world! 

Trust me, this stuff works,  I've had about 15 odd years and now I final positive, no depression,


Go google :) 

And thanks for all the support!

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Night Before!!

Wow, so many mixed emotions, mainly positive I have to say!

Ive planned and planned, read and read, researched and read forum after forum about iboga,
I think I have a pretty good understandingmofmthe risks and benefits now.

It's an informed decision, I NEED to do this!

I should be taking my last dose of 100mg MST in a couple of hours, after a dinner of Dahl, rice and pakora I'll be taking a long bath, having some auricular acupuncture, meditating and having a chilled  evening until an early night.

Davidmis nearly here, I'll bring him up to speed with all the medical stuff, doses etc with a view to taking the test dose early morning, my first 'low wave' dose (200mg-400mg HCL) an hour later, the longer I can wait between last morphine dose and flood the better, overnight is my best chance, I'll be able to get a minimum of 12 hours, hopefully more like 15-20 but will see how it goes.

Knowing the first dose will attenuate withdrawals is great,
I'm really looking forward to it all actually!

Will keep you all updated!

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Template Letter In Case Of Emergency

I've put this together after a few people requested I shared the letter absolving any sitters in case of emergency..

So here it is:
(Please feel free to suggest any additions, it's quite basic, I probably haven't covered a few things!)

To whom this may concern,

This letter is to confirm my intention to employ the psychoactive drug ibogaine hydrochloride (an full extract of the root bark from an African shrub, Tabernanthe Iboga)

My goal is to use a total dose of:                   

The current accepted amount needed to achieve therapeutic results (attenuation of acute opiate withdrawal symptoms) is between 15mg/kg and 22mg/kg

This would mean I am taking a total of:       Mg/kg

My name is:
Average baseline obs:             Dia/Sys.         Bpm 
Health conditions:

Daily prescribed medications:
Daily recreational drug use:

Ibogaine can prolong qt interval, nausea is also a common side effect, it's important to ensure the pt I properly hydrated, sipping electrolytes and IV saline if nessacary. 
Known contra-indications with ibogaine include (but are not limited to), anti-psychotics, SSR'S and SNRI'S, opiates

'safe' drugs include: Benzodiazepines, Tegretol, Lidocaine and adrenaline 

Attached you will find a graph plotted with obs and all consumed medications including iboga

Finally and most importantly,

I have made an informed decision to use ibogaine to detoxify from opiates, I have not been co-erced or bribed.
I fully absolve any of my 'sitters' of any responsibility in the case of fatality.
These people are:

Printed Name:


Monday, 20 August 2012

Three Day Countdown!

Three Day Countdown!

Wow!, well, where do I start?!

For the last week I've been taking supplements (not nessacary but useful)
Omega 3,6,9
High dose vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin B
Also, 75mg asprin a day (which will be stopped tomorrow)

I've been using daily rootbark now for the last week or so, starting at 300mg upon waking and I can now easily take up to 1200mg with no obvious psychoactive effects.
By using bark I've managed to reduce my MST intake from 600mg daily to between 100 and 200! - Iterally amazed! 

Honestly, I've had a few slips, a few 'last shot ever' moments that have left me feeling flat, and skirt! 

The combo of bark and the odd 5mg Diaz has worked wonders!

So, I have everything in place, medical equipment, detox protocol for dosing, other complimentary meds. I've established my vital obs baselines and have written a letter of intent to absolve any sitters of responsibility.

  David is arriving Wednesday evening, I'll take my last shot of MST with him filming, stop eating and drinking and generally prepare myself for the next morning.

I'm hoping I'll get more than 12 hours before I take my iboga. Should be more like 18-24 by using bark.
Well start the treatment Thursday morning/afternoon 
After the 'test dose' (200mg I'll be spreading a further 1200mg over the next 48 hours or so, in doses of between 200 and 400mg's (HCL) 

This 'low wave' dosing is the safest way, especially with my current chest infection. 

So, wish me luck, I'll have my head down for the next few days preparing mentally and physically but I'll try to keep you guys updated on here or my twitter (exheroinjunkie)


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Planning My Flood

I have all my medicene now for my flood in a couple of weeks!

Above, from left to right starting fro the top, we have: 20 grams of raw iboga root bark, 1000mg ibogaine in capsules (HCL, purified from iboga), 1800mg iboga bark in capsules. 3000mg raw root bark (RB) then in the bottom right silver satchel another 2000mg TA and to the left of that a further 1000mg HCL.

The material is from iboga world, I used them last time and the material is good quality and its couriered really fast., 36 hours from Cape town, South Africa! 

This may seem a lot but is enough for my flood, some boosters and then some. The last couple of attempts I've actually ran out, not had enough for boosters and ended up relapsing so I've made certain I have plenty this time!

I was going to combine TA with my HCL flood dose but have now decided not to,. TA, being the full alkaloids is much more likely to cause nausea and vomiting medicene before it has been absorbed is costly in more ways than one.
I vomited pretty much all the HCL last time I flooded, this combined with coming off a pretty big methadone habit I'm convinced is part of the reason I couldn't stay clean and relapsed.

So, here's my itinery/dosing schedule.. Bear in mind this is only a guide and in most cases needs to be altered. It's a rough guide, dosing needs to be played by ear somewhat, giving iboga as required in the days and weeks post flood to deal with PAWS and cravings.

My last hit of morphine will most probably be taken in the afternoon of the day before the flood. 
As you need to wait as long as possible before taking the iboga and I've found I can go the longest between doses overnight, I think this is my best option to get as long as I can betwee last dose and flood.


Maybe 3pm the day before I'll have my last hit. I'll also stop eating solids at this point. Maybe a light soup for dinner, the idea is to have as empty a stomach as possible before ingesting the medicene.
By bed time I'll probably be feeling a little crappy so will probably take half a diazepam or similar.

The next morning more of the same, no solids, reduced liquids.. It's a good idea to drink something with electrolytes in it in the days leading up to flooding so dioralyte is good, or even lucozade.

3pm will be the 24 hour mark and is really the minimum amount of time I need before dosing so I'll probably go longer. It helps to know that within an hour of dosing with iboga the withdrawals will be gone!

I'm hoping to get to the evening, maybe even as late as 8 or 9pm, 30 hours would be great, there's also a reason for flooding overnight, senses are heightened on iboga, noises, lights, smells etc.. I live in central London, it's pretty noisy and nightime would be a lot better. It will be dark too, hyper photosensitivety is a side effect best avoided!

I'll take a 'test dose' (200mg HCL) an hour before the full flood, this is just in case there's any reaction. I was fine last time so should be again.. I hope! 

After the hour I'll feel a little trippy, a little unsteady on my feet and most likely have that notorious buzzing in my ears. 
At this stage I'll take the rest of my flood dose, I'm 67kg and am planning on taking around 19mg/kg, this is around the middle of the usual dose range for opiate detoxes. The usual dose range is between 15mg and 22mg per kg of body weight. My dose therefore works out to a further 1000mg HCL, 1200mg in total. 

Time to go lie down and wait for it to hit!

I will have had my base line blood pressure and heart rate taken well before this stage and they will be monitored regularly for at least the first 12-18 hours.
Iboga can prolong qt interval and lower blood pressure. This is the reason any provider worth his salt will insist on having an ECG and a full blood panel done beforehand. Most pre-existing heart conditions will unfortunately rule you out of iboga treatment.

If everything goes to plan I'll spend the next eight to ten hours tripping balls haha..
Last time my acute withdrawl symptoms were zilch, nada, zero.. Incredibly, when technically I should be at the peak of withdrawal, iboga takes it all away!

After the initial intense trip comes the so called 'dream state', this can last up to around 36 hours, last time I just laid in bed, I couldn't really talk or move much but I had a general feeling of, well, warmth and security, like the plant spirit had taken me in its arms and was protecting me. I felt safe, not scared, or sick.

By 48 hours I'll be coming round, able to talk and  most importantly over three days clean from opiates!

Iboga has a stimulant effect, one of its original uses by the pygmies was a stimulant and aid to hunting. This means insomnia is par for the course unfortunately.
I'll not be feeling great, it can take a good week to two months to get your energy back. Over the next days and weeks I'll take a booster as required, 200mg of HCL or 400 mg of TA. 
It's usually advised you take a booster on day 7 no matter what. 
The idea is to keep the levels of nor-ibogaine up in the body. (Nor-ibogaine is what ibogaine is metabolised to in the liver and is generally believed to be responsible for the anti craving effect)

Taking more iboga after a flood is the last thing you want to do though, trust me.
This is where having an experienced provider to tell you to take it can be handy!

I'll be posting updates anyway and a few people are trying to convince me to broadcast the flood live over webcam!
I may just do it! Haha

Friday, 3 August 2012

Detox 5, the 'wakeful detox' - Too good to be true?

A friend recently asked my thoughts about 'detox 5', the private, magical, five day (private) heroin detox. 

Detox 5, is a very successful business model, They charge £3200 for an ultra rapid opiate detox (UROD)

The idea being, you go in with a heroin/methadone/subutex/morphine/fentanyl habit and leave five days later clean!.. (note there's no difference between the opiates, they treat for any of them)
Sound too good to be true?!... Read on..

Using a combination of midazolam and naltrexone, you will be 'sedated' whilst precipitated withdrawal is induced using naltrexone. 
They recommend you opt for the (very expensive) naltrexone implant for at least 12 months after your treatment. This is if you even get that far.

I've known maybe half a dozen people that have subjected themselves to D5, all of them left (one halfway through) left treatment and relapsed. 
They have a great hook, I'll grant them that.. A 'comfortable, easy detox'  that you'll barely remember, what isn't so clear as you hand your money over is their version of sedation and yours are likely very different.

It would be too impractical to fully sedate patients. They would need to be fed and hydrated, catheterised both ends etc etc.. all requiring constant monitoring.
Fluids mean IV access, something that requires medical training and constant monitoring. 
Sounds expensive huh? All those doctors and nurses...

In reality you'll actually be medicated orally, given water to drink and food as required. 

Yeah, you're given benzos, but just enough so your still awake enough to talk, use the bathroom and take your meds. 
You'll most likely still piss and shit the bed, conscious but too out of it to get to the bathroom.

On day one your settled in, given a medical and maybe a Valium. 
Day two your given you first dose of midazolam, a very useful benzo usually used for dental work and day patient hospital investigations. 

Your kept 'sedated for a couple of days to start the withdrawal process, if your coming off heroin you'll be at the peak of the detox, methadone? Barely scratching the surface, methadone withdrawal doesn't even really start to kick in for three days, subutex is similar.

As we all know naltrexone is an opiate antagonist. 
It's used to reverse heroin overdoses and is doing pretty much the same thing to you. 
Day three/four you'll get your 'challenge dose'
Your gonna go into precipitated withdrawals. The worst, most acute, painful thing you've ever experienced. Hopefully your sedated enough that you sort of dream your way through it!?
You'll ask to be sedated more, they'll refuse and tell you that you you've reached your maximum allowance.
What do you do? Well nothing, what can you do? Your bowels are liquidising and you feel like your dying but you aint going anywhere! 
Day five is much the same, they titrate your naltrexone up to 'throw' any remaining opiates out. 
Naltrexone has a very short half life do you'll be given a dose every couple of hours. 

You shit and snot your way through four days of hell, semi lucid, the odd five minutes of sleep if your lucky, begging for more sedation and being refused, until you reach day five. Hey, your clean my good sir! 

Yes, all those years of abuse magically washed away!
They stop giving you benzos and as you come around you realise you stink, your still in withdrawals and that the pretty nurse you fancy has spent the last three days wiping your ass. 

'Time to leave, we need the bed' you're told

One day turn around til the next lot on Monday. 

'The doctor needs his weekend off!'

So, I think you get the gist of it. 
It's an overpriced, painful and quite disturbing way to detox. 
If your new to opiates, maybe with only a year or two of using heroin then this may work out for you. 
Any long term junkie with a methadone or subutex habit doesn't stand a chance. 
Methadone takes weeks and months to detox from, not days. You'll be hitting the peak of the withdrawal as they're chucking you out the door...

One friend discharged himself on day three because he wasn't sedated enough and in agony. 
He got in the car and DROVE home! Obviously under the influence of some pretty heavy benzos still. He crashed the car into a lamppost and luckily didn't die. 

I did some digging into the actual company too. They have a pretty dubious history. Very profitable though!

On their own website they state a '97% completion' rate, this is printed in bold on every page, very, very misleading. 
Completion merely means patients that didn't discharge themselves and completed the five days. They're bandying it around like it's an abstinence at 12 months statistic

Dig a little deeper you come across a 70% rate. 
Sounds great doesn't it!?

What that actually equates to though is 70% of the 50% of patients who replied to the survey, attained abstinence for twelve months WITH a naltrexone implant. 
Anyone with an implant is literally unable to get high so yes, they would logically and by default be abstinent. 

50% of the people surveyed didn't respond so we can assume they relapsed. This means we're down to one in three.
These stats by the way, were removed from the site recently. They were well out of date, 2001 I believe.
As I said before, the only statistic they have on the site is the '97% success rate' one, after lots of googling I can't find much more than that, they don't back up this '97%' with any in depth analysis, I find this very telling but make your own conclusions.

They have, through the clever use of meta tags and SEO managed to get themselves onto the first three four pages of google results, most of the other information is from unhappy customers.

Long and short of it?

Unless you've only been using a year I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, let alone pay for the pleasure..!

Here's my alternative, get a load of Xanax, diazepam and some Imodium, get a mate to drop in and check on you ever day, knock yourself out with benzos for three days then go to your gp and ask for oral naltrexone!
Same thing, without the medical staff, rules and regs of a 'rehab' and the £3,200 price tag.. !

Next up I'll be giving you a rundown of 'Narcanon', a U.S based rehab based on the philoshies of Ron L Hubbard. Very interesting it will be too! Lot's of weird stuff goes down at the 'most succesful' rehabs in the states.. Scientology and recovering, detoxing drug addicts? Sounds highly questionable to me!