Ibogaine Treatment Providers

Ibogaine treatment can sometimes be a bit hit and miss due to its underground nature (being a scheduled drug in the U.S)
There are centers in Europe, the best being Sara's House in the Netherlands, Sara Glatt is well known and respected in the Ibogaine community having successfully treated hundreds of patients over ten years and being the subject of a BBC documentary...

Here's a list of providers worldwide - Some of the links are out of date for the UK
A well reputed on in the Americas is Krista, contact her here for more details..
There are a couple of providers in the UK. Edward Conn no longer does detoxes so shouldn't be on the list, Paul Feathstone is a very well reputed, safety first provider you can find him here http://www.ibogaine-info.co.uk/ Thes a lady called Hatty Wells too, I've never heard anything about her good or bad so can't give an opinion