Sunday, 2 January 2011

'Im Dangerous With Love'

IM DANGEROUS WITH LOVE is an underground adventure that traces Dimitri's risky journey as he treats desperate drug users. He is a man of edgy energy going from one addict to the next without stopping to catch his breath. But then one session goes bad in a remote snowed-in Canadian home, and a quiet young man almost dies. Dimitri must decide whether or not to continue his mission. Is it serving the addicts or simply releasing his own demons? Dimitri travels to Gabon, West Africa, to consult with Bwiti shamans, and puts himself through a punishing iboga initiation in search of guidance.

2009 85 minutes
Directed by Michel Negroponte

Here's a link to an interview with Michel Negroponte


Anonymous said...

hi, the film is opening in NYC on January 13th. the filmmaker is Michel Negroponte. the film's about the ibogaine 'expert' is Dimitri Mugianis.

Sid said...

Woops, my bad i'll change it, thanks

Gledwood said...

I was wondering whether you could see it online... or is it one of those Festival Films y'know with limited exhibition that might find itself on Channel 4 in a year or so's time...?

Sid said...

Yeah at the monent its an underground 'arts'film doing th rounds at hoping someone will torrent it at some pont!

blimey my spelling is still fooked!

Sid said...

Hey Gleds, Sorry..

Ibo is nothing like grass... weed always felt like a 'sensetizer' to me.. if u were feeling para it made u worse etc...happ, it gives u the giggles (altho the older tnad more jaded u get the less that seems to happen lol

Im not too sure really... might be worth doing some research on it!

Ibo is not like anything u have ever taken...very hard to explain, but very gentle