Thursday, 13 January 2011

It's Here

I can't post pics as I'm on my phone. Well I'm gonna try using the email post option...

Got to get through the day without using so partner is here when I take it (to make sure I don't die or choke on my own vomit) :)

Got some root bark I can take if I start to feel really crappy. Which I'll total into the mg/kg so don't OD myself.

I wont be able to report hourly like Gleds suggested as you become ataxic and phobic to bright light. So won't be able to stare at bright screen. I'll report after though.

Till next time iboganaughts


Daphne said...

Hi Sid,

Exciting!! Have a good trip, for any advise don't hesitate to ask!



Gledwood said...

can't you dictate into something? or is that too much pressure what with everything else..?

you might have a dictation machine on your computer, or you might be able to film yourself on the webcam, i'm not suggesting posting it up, but keeping for future reference and transcribing.