Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day Three! Post flood! And a small quick Draft if my Notes

Im wiring this to reduce harm reduction please feel free to copy and post
It's a general edit is the big lack I got together in case anything went wrong!

I'm hoping that, although I may not be  popular for doing this, I know our average junks can afford minimum £2,500 per tx. So here's. All my notes I'll be undoing it too

(Make sure you include your EKG and blood rulers in the pack!

Dear A&E consultancy, in the case you ever need to see this, I wish to I for, all my state
Medical conditions:
Prescribed meds:

Ibogaine hydrochloride, hallucinogenic root bark from the shrub Tansrnante Ibos

A full syntheses Is now possible which brings the single, believed 'addiction interruptor' ibogaine alkaloid hydrochloride (HCL)
This is the heavy shit. For people with latge methadone or suboxone.

(Ialso included a list of attached contrasidicarions!
'safe' drigs that have been iasuswd in combo with ibo are, but no way limits too:Benzodoazepines, yehretoo, lidocaine

'danger drugs with ibo:
Opites! (ibo resers opiate tolerqnce to near zero and a few people have died like this!diazepam may help with anxiety

(A bit about ibo)
Ibo prolongs at, you MUST be have a BP and oxi cuff, ibogaine slows the hart right now ,I've dropped to 43 pm, toward he end.
I've also made a graph observing my starts, I've kept all the days and will keep writing out up now!The booklet consists of, on the front page, all my gp details, my weight, height, sex, dob,  age

I did to though! I've stuck my dings up at that nasty bit of work Dr Sarah Metcalf, I'll never be going back again! Waney! I'm duckin clean!
Letter of absolvtion:
Goal of detox, to attenuate acute wd,

(so this is verbatim)
Detox goal, to detoxify from a fifteen year heroin addiction using an African shrub. It grows all over the world, mailmy Gabon or Cameroon.
My daily dose WAS

200mg split three ways over the day, every six hourse
I successfully and painless cutdown from 600,gbdakt to 100mgm in a week!

Impossible right!?
Sorry, anyway, back tommy letter/ER emergency letter.


Owen said...

When I did Ibogaine for dihydrocodeine 1 year ago it took away my withdrawals but I still had some after exactly 1 week. I think the Ibogaine was just masking some of the dihydrocodeine withdrawals, but over all I think I could have made it without the Ibogaine if am honest. Thank God you wasnt not using Ibogaine for methadone or suboxone otherwise it would be much more gruelling and wouldnt work as well. My practioner said you need to be clean from suboxone and methadone for 2 months at the minimum and at least before you do Ibogaine.

p.s be careful of some withdrawals slowly dripping on to you, that happened to me.

Sid said...

Just sounds like you needed to dose yourself up with rootbark man

I'm day 7 ow and feel fantastic

Kayleigh said...

I have done iboga for heroin and liquid morphone. I felt brilliant for the first 2 weeks but I too felt shit afterwards. Its easy to feel the iboga glow for a couple of weeks but then reality hits in. I dont think I took enough of ibogaine but my provider said I cant take too much otherwise it would be too risky. Ibogaine is pretty easy for acute withdrawals off opiates like morphine and heroin, I could have taken supplements and other comfort medicines for aweek to rid the withdrawals rather then spend thousands on ibogaine.

I kicked morphone and heroin without iboga the next time around, it comes down to will power, if your that weak u cant even ride out couple of days of acute withdrawals from short lifed opiates then you might aswell give up being clean.

Luna_mama said...

bloody hell i think the above is harsh! 'will power', 'that weak that you can't ride out accute withdrawals'. i think people that don't have anything helpful or encouraging to say should stay quiet!

well done and i hope it keeps up. thinking of you xx

Sailor said...

Miss you too.

Sounds very positive - I don't remember you being this optimistic when you detoxed last time. That's amazing that David was filming/assisting you, he's a damn cool guy.


Sid said...

I think I'll leave this unedited, benzos and iboga don't make for good grammar