Monday, 23 July 2012

Ibogaine Treatment Centres & Sources

I'm writing this post in response to the enquires I get about seeking treatment and ibogaine.
I'll probably turn this into a page as opposed to a post to a blog post too

So, ibogaine treatment,

As ibogaine is illegal in countries such as the United States, most treatments are either carried out 'underground', there is a network of UG providers thougout the U.S, they usually operate by carrying out the treatment in hotels or their own homes.
This option is a bit hit and miss, there are some great, empathic, caring providers out there but there are also some horror stories about providers preying on desperate addicts, taking deposits and not following through with treatment, under dosing, over charging and a even few cases of sexual assault!

Legal treatments are carried out in Mexico and Canada, these are generally more expensive but if you can afford to then this is definitely the preferred option. As official clinics they usually follow guidelines, meaning medical staff on site, more staff, better organisation and accountability if things go wrong.

If you're serious about doing ibogaine then my biggest piece of advice is, research research research!

There is a huge amount of information online, reviews on clinics, support forums and medical papers. Go join Mindvox mailing list, join a Facebook ibogaine group and ask questions!

Any provider worth their salt will help out your mind at ease and answer any questions you have.

Elsewhere in the world, most countries have providers, I can help point you I the right direction if you want to message me or leave a comment.

From my experiences with it, if I could afford it, id pay for a proper treatment, DIY is difficult, dangerous and usually unsuccessful long term.
An experienced provider will help you from the first email through to long term abstinence strategies.

Some good forums worth joining:

Mindvox - The original ibogaine mailing list
Eboka forum -

Ibogaine sources

IbogaWorld - trusted, reasonably priced, quality ibogaine HCL,TA and Root bark -

Simon Loxton - Simon is a provider and supplier based in Cape Town, South Africa, contact for more details

Cerebus Extract - Online ethnogen supplier, Ibogaine HCL along with ayahuasca, DMT etc...

There are other places to get Ibogaine from but I only have experience with these three

Ibogaine Providers:
UK Ibogaine info
Providers in Europe
Ed Conn, the guy who treated David in 'detox or die' doesn't work or live in the UK anymore.

I'll be updating this page with new providers and vendors as soon as I can verify their honesty and integrity.
The sources I list will always be respected, trusted sources/people.
The world of Ibogaine can me a bit of a minefield so I'll try to take the work out of it all for you!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Micro dosing and Using Different Types Of Ibogaine

Ibogaine is the root of Tabernathe Iboga, a shrub that grows mainly on the African continent.
Iboga is processed from the roots of mature plants, usually at least eight years old.
The Bwiti use pure root bark but some clever westerners worked out a way to process the root into Ibogaine HCL, this is around nine to ten times stronger so is better suited to medical use as less needs to be ingested.
Ibogaine HCL is sometimes synthesised from vocangine another shrub, vocangine, pure HCL is mainly Ibogaine, this is just one of the active alkaloids.

The other preparation used for detoxifying is 'TA' or Total Alkaloids, this is a purified form of root bark but includes all the active alkaloids, not just Ibogaine. TA, sometimes referred to as Indra, is usually around 8% Ibogaine the rest being many active alkaloids.
TA is preferred by many and used sometimes for opiate detoxification.
Some believe because it is the whole extract it gives more of a psychospiritual experience, it is often combined with HCL.

Ibogaine root bark is around ten times less powerful then Ibogaine HCL, it is rarely used for detoxification purely because so much would be needed its inpracticle.
The main use for root bark is for boosters post detox, root bark can be used in small doses as often as neccasary to help control cravings and Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms like restless leg syndrome, goosebumps, chills, anxiety etc
A booster dose would usually be around 250-1000mg daily.

It's usually advised to take a decent booster seven days after flooding too

Micro-dosing For Reducing Opiate Tolerance & Potentiating

Microdosing with iboga is a bit of a grey area with little research and only anecdotal evidence.
It can be used in small doses alongside opiates to reduce tolerance although this can be risky.
Iboga potentates opiates so must be used carefully and sparingly.
Iboga's Potentiating effect is something most providers don't want to become common knowledge for this very reason!

That said, I have micro dosed with root bark quite successfully to reduce my tolerance.
Taking 500mg of root bark an hour before an opiate dose... it's worth experimenting but I found I could take 3/4 my usual dose and wasn't withdrawing.

It's also possible to use smaller amounts of HCL or TA for acute withdrawal.
I used doses of between 250mg and 500mg over five days to get through a heroin detox.
This could be an option for anyone scared of flooding or unable to flood for medical reasons.

Please understand that the above is not really a tried and tested method and you need to do your own research!

Dutch authorities: Stop the prosecution of ibogaine provider Sara Glatt


Sara Glatt has been working with ibogaine over 12 years. She has helped, and even saved many peoples lives, by caring for them, and making ibogaine available.
Sara Glatt has become one of the best-known ibogaine treatment providers for the Western world.

With a high percent of success rate, Sara Glatt was able to help hundreds of people by using the psychoactive substance called Iboga, which effects the complex interactions between multiple neurotransmitter systems and can restore the proper functioning of the brain's neurochemistry. The substance has shown incredible results in treating addiction. In many countries the substance is banned, in the Netherlands this is not the case.

Unfortunately one of the world's most well-known iboga treatment providers is currently facing legal troubles, after a fatal accident on the highroad A2 on the 18th of March 2011, where a man was hit by a truck. The man was suffering from alcohol dependency and soon after he received his treatment, he demanded to leave. The man quickly started getting aggressive towards Sara's youngest daughter, so having her hands tied, she took him out with the car, trying to talk him out of his idea of leaving so early after the treatment. He demanded to be left in a nearby hotel, where later during the same night, Sara had sent a volunteer to check on him.

During the visit, the man seemed well, but unfortunately on the following morning news about his accidental death on the highroad was reported back to Sara Glatt.

She has been arrested but has been let go under harsh conditions. She is now waiting for more legal actions from the Dutch authorities. Until the court Sara Glatt is not allowed to work with ibogaine, and has the police coming to and in her house, to check on her, different times a week. The intimidation from the authorities is very harsh on the family, and also many people are in need of her work.

What Sara Glatt did was trying to help, the same way she has been helping for over 12 years to people who were seeking her help.

A mother of five children, who was legally providing iboga treatments for people, who seek them, should not be held in such a position!

-- 13th july 2012 -- UPDATE: Sara is imprisoned for unknown time.

New Flood Date Set!

I'm excited!

Everything is coming together great!

My treatment is now planned for the 21st of August. I'll be going on film for part of David graham Scott's follow up documentary to 'detox or die' ... The film is called 'Iboga nights'

My first flood, which was over a year ago now! I did it all totally DIY, with information from the Internet. I didn't really listen when I was warned I'd need boosters, I couldn't really afford it either to be honest, this time I have two friends from my amazing support group on Facebook, 'Ibogaine survivors club' that have offered to come and help out, one is coming from Finland!

The admin of the group posted asking for donations for the iboga and incredibly I was given $400!
This has paid for nearly all the iboga I'm going to need, I was just about to cancel it too!

A couple of personal thank-you's are in order I think, so, Cat & Chris, Chris N, Jenifer B, Brandon I'm so grateful to you!

DGS, Elina and Anthony, thank you for caring enough to give up your time to come and help me!

By the way, we're still taking donations as its going to become a semi-permanent feature of the group, an iboga fund for people that can't afford it.
Please consider donating if you can, at least come and join the group!
We're a great bunch of people in all stages of recovery.
So far about half a dozen people have been helped out financially from the group.

The PayPal address for donations is

I'll be blogging all the way through as I have before, anyone interested will even be able to watch me on film! Lol...

Anyone interested in joining the group, send me your details and I'll add you, it's a closed group which means anything you post is private and won't be visible anywhere on your timeline.
This is the reason most people feel comfortable enough to post honestly and without judgment.
These people have been there for me and never judged and I'm very grateful I found them!