Thursday, 20 October 2011

Going for another Ibo treatment!

My life's been manic for the past few months. I've been working loads and trying to hold everything together so this blogs been pushed to the back of my priorities.

I've been offered an opportunity for a low cost treatment with a proper provider if I take part in a follow up documentary to 'detox or die'.

It will be filmed by David Graham Scott, the guy that featured in the original BBC film.

I'm sick of being on maintenance. I'm getting too old for it all!
I worry that junkies don't usually get much older than me. We end up in prison or dead!

It's only an idea at the moment but I'm hopeful it will happen. And of course ill document it all here.

I'm hoping that going for a proper treatment with a provider as opposed to my half assed DIY attempts at home will make a difference.

Anyway... More soon,.. I have stinking flu and need to curl back up in bed and feel sorry for myself.