Monday, 16 April 2012

Setting The Record Straight

Setting the record straight about Ibogaine

I feel I need to write this post, there are a lot of questions around the efficacy of Ibogaine, worries about deaths and a lot of people bash it when it doesn't work for them.

I think a lot of the time issues revolve around whether it works or not so hopefully this post will help.
Going in with high expectations is very common, and where a lot of people fall down, it's the addict mentality I think, wanting a quick fix, and when it doesn't happen people bash it, and say it doesn't work.

So here are some thoughts I hope will help:

What Ibogaine WILL do: 
  • Regarded as an 'addiction interruptor', Ibogaine WILL (in the right dosage) very successfully detox a person from opiates. Now there will be some variance between a person coming off a twenty year methadone habit Vs someone a year into dabbling with heroin, BUT there would be with any form of detox!
  • A full flood dose WILL for all intents and purposes reset opiate tolerance back to ZERO, or as good as. It's NOT a good idea to test this out! People have died from using after floods!, The reset effect, combined with Ibogaine potentiating opiates is a dangerous combination.
  • Ibogaine WILL cover acute withdrawal symptoms in most cases between 80-100% for at least twenty four hours, more commonly up to 72 hours
  • Ibogaine WILL knock you for six and you will struggle to walk/eat/sleep for a good few days
  • Ibogaine WILL get you through the majority of acute withdrawals and give you a good basis to start your recovery... Ibogaine is metabolised into Nor-Ibogaine in the liver, this is thought to hang around for a long time post flood, and is generally thought to provide the longer term effects like reduction of cravings
  • Ibogaine works on many body systems simultaneously, it is contraindicated with antidepressants and anti psychotics... It is advised to be months clear from any SSRI's before taking it
What Ibogaine WONT do:
  • Ibogaine WILL NOT (at least for the large majority of people), be a magic bullet that will 100% cover ALL your symptoms and make you never want to pick up again
  • Ibogaine WILL NOT magic away years of opiate abuse that has rewired your brains reward pathways, dopamine and serotonin levels and make you live happily ever after!
  • Ibogaine WILL NOT get rid of ALL your cravings (in 99% of people)
  • Ibogaine WILL NOT get rid of ALL your PAWS (although it can for some), Most people will find after a few days post flood they have restless legs, lethargy, slight chills and sweats etc

Now people that have taken Ibogaine expecting it to cure all their problems, have not put any work or thought into aftercare or managing cravings are the most likely to relapse.

Ibogaine is a fantastic tool for detox, and will give you a starting point to plan the rest of your life.
Aftercare, NA/AA meetings, counselling/therapy, support from clean friends and family are AS if not MORE important than the actual detox.

Ive noticed people slagging the medicine off because it 'didnt work for them' a lot recently, and in general these are people that as I have said, went in with elevated and unrealistic expectations of what Ibogaine will do for them.

Just because it didn't work for you does not mean Ibogaine is crap and won't work for other people!, I can think of plenty, thousands in fact that can vouch for that... me being one!

I relapsed because I was not ready, I was a pussy and my addict brain convinced me that I couldn't cope with the very minor PAWS.

Ive probably missed off loads but that's the gist of it!