Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 4! Again...

Well I did it!

No PAWS this time. I'm so happy..

Hardly even craving. Will write it all up soon.

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Anonymous said...

well done mate - keep it up, if you really want it you will need to stay strong.

Gledwood said...

i had to think for a sec what paws meant. is post addiction withdrawal syndrome really that bad?? i think/hope it wouldn't happen to me, i say this bc i missed a methadone dose by long enough to feel totally nauseated earlier today and didn't even know for several hours what the main problem was. it wasn't just that (still feel sameish, the methadone made me way better though)

i wish i could do a drastic quick detox, it's probably not a good idea though. my family who saw it first hand when i came off cold say no way

i am very pissed off about all this shit it means i am fucked in lots of ways and the era when it might have been a nice fat excuse to say "ha ha i have this problem or that problem so i HAVE to do gear" has passed i don't want it any more i got money this evening and still didn't score, i wanted the option of not doing it instead of just being broke and i spent enough on chinese and fags and drink not to be able to get a ten even ha ha ha

make sure it fucking lasts this time, i mean chemically: you sound like you need those booster doses

Sid said...

Thanks anon. I know I was clean before for a couple of years.
Gleds paws is awful. I reckon I still had green in me both times before that's what caused going back into wd wen the ibo wore off. It's taken about 3 months to get enough green out of me to cope! I got a ton of boosters. Sorry not v good at commenting right now.


konner said...

Paws is something which can last from 6 months to 1 year with meth. I dont think ibogaine and boosters can rid paws in 4 days, i think u need to take boosters for several weeks, but even then paws paticularly the depression comes backa fter 5 or so months, wel from most folks experiences.

Gledwood said...

you know i heard you took iboga once and it blocked you for a good 4 years. that was what they made it sound like

did you see that documentary on or from british tv about this man with a "20 year methadone habit" or whatever it was... it made me think 1. if you're on methadone fucking cut down yourself it's not that hard and 2. he's shown hitting up and vomiting and i think what the FUCK have you EVER vomited on gear ever? i vomit before never AFTER a hit afterwards i want food food food before I don't wanna touch it that's what it did to me. and i don't think he was snowballling the gear either sorry i said this before it just bemuses me seeing someone who has a genuine problem but it's massively exaggerated for the sake of television... when there are people out there who just cannot get off the shit because of the gloop they are being forced into by courts etc

whatever happened to this crap about treatment options. you can even fly to india now for operations on the nhs if it's cheaper, doable and there's clinical need

when you're on gear you are forced on something way more noxious, definitely more addictive which has one single advantage, that it can be taken once in 24 hours that is all methadone is except cheap i cannot believe they give it to people who genuinely feel suicidally depressed on it how can any doctor do that? whether or not the depression is an underlying state that is shit medicine by any standards

sorry to rant anything to do with drug services pisses the living shit out of me

konner said...

I spoke with that guy who did the documentry. He says he wished he had taken boosters. He did not deny he never picked up again after Ibogaine. I personally seen too many folks relapse after Ibogaine, espeacially folks who had been on methadone and buprenorphine. I really think we have to ride out PAWS no matter what.