Saturday, 29 January 2011

Con-Dem Drug Strategy For 2011

Now this is scary....

How on earth do they think people are going to detox just because they tell them too?

In my experience addicts are inherently anarchic.. plus the nature of addiction is that change has to come from the inside, a person will not clean up for family/friends/partners etc.. An addict will not change until they are ready, often not until reaching that cliche 'rock bottom'

Putting people onto enforced methadone detoxes is not going to work Mr Cameron... They will just end up using heroin again..!

'To prevent unplanned drift into long term maintenence' .. I quote

Good luck with that one...!


Gledwood said...

just as i clicked and waited i thought "what interminable tortures are they putting us through now"...

... yeah good luck with PAYING FOR IT.... 6, 7, 8 rehbs per junkie..?

any reality in those empty heads of theirs??

don't answer, the answer is obvious


Gledwood said...

Hey I just read that again: an Admission that Long Term Methadone Maintenance DOESN'T WORK!!

So give fucking diamorph. Why fucking won't they? I do not understand those idiots.

Do you know they didn't even know that we ALREADY had a designer drugs act which made ecstasy already illegal when it appeared. So it didn't cover meow, so fucking what!

And why MUST something be illegal just because some grade A idiot takes 1000mgs 4methcathinone without even googling first... I mean COME ON!!

i'm actually quite calm tonight, believe it or not

Gledwood said...

Trust me to comment leaving half the gist out. The 4methcathinone reference was to MPs not knowing the 1st thing about the issue of drugs. Yet having Family Values opinions all over the matter.

Gledwood said...

my family value is heroin addict mum goes in bathroom and bangs up government supply, bastard dealer on the street is put out of pocket

THAT is family values for drug addicts

Sids said...

To be honest, the state this country is in financially I cant see it ever happening!

You know theyre selling off forests.. including the lake district/ the new forest and sherwood, the royal mail, cuts cuts cuts! Libraries/community groups (the big society?) Were fucked, this level of sell offs is unpresidented!

With methadone costing approx 32p per 60ml dose, and diamorphine costing around £3 per amp, plus the infrastructure to prescribe it it wont happen anytime soon,...

I just sent my letter off to Theresa May too.. she's the one behind the 2011 drugs strategy so if anyone else wants to copy and send it too please do!

And sign the petition.. spread the word..

heres the link...

Anonymous said...

Yes, government 'policy' is the result of a determined and unholy alliance between the mad, moralising charlatans, who forced diamorp off the clinic system menu, and corporate carpetbaggers attracted by the money in 'drug treatment'.

Rehabs help no higher percentage achieve lasting abstinence. If you think about it, it's obvious they wouldn't. But the govt cheques sure help their owners' bank balances.

I'm one of several poster children for diamorphine maintenance here. 25 yeara ago, we were all in and out of the criminal justice system, on the dole and in bits. Now we've been lawabiding, useful citizens leading fulfilling lives for as long as anyone can recall.

On election day, 2010, we were told all our scripts were to be removed. Our new 'charity-corp' dsp had been tipped off about Tory plans and wanted to get a jump on competitors.

We're aged between 55 and 67. Coming off for us would not be 'like a mild dose of flu'. After protests, the NTA referred the matter to 2nd opinion in July.

There've been endless delays but the 2nds finally arrive this week, 10-11/2/2011. Since June, we've had to get by without an average 25% of dosages of decades. Rather than admit a mistake, the dsp determined to win. Our inability to help them out was 'personal insult', an ingratitude to help.

We've suffered appalling 'individualised treatment' as the dsp has asserted control. These people are used to having their own way and were damned if they'd let a few old junkies get in it. Methods devised by corp strategists to crush unions were applied to some delicate ecologies.

Two on incidental chemo have had their courses badly compromised by a dsp able to ignore DOH guidelines with impunity - who's checking, who's going to make waves, risk incurring powerful corp wrath for 'junkies? Putting us in our place is all that matters to the dsp, and they've an extraordinary power to do so.

They had of course previously reported the move as an unqualified success to NTA etc, that we were all 'very happy' to lose our scripts and delighted with our benefactors. In the absence of contrary voice, the charity corps that now run 75% of UK drug treatment have got away with similar lying shit for years - that's why we've this new drugs 'policy'.

Fear-based treatment has begotten lies so long only the lie remains. It helps nobody except those running it. They now expect 'users' to help them get more of the bread the govt gives them to help for themselves. " There's a few quid in it for us to get you into detox. Be a good boy and get your jimjams", Incredible but true.

This is treatment as con, a charity scam that's been allowed to burgeon to establishment status. Think about how it works and tell me I'm wrong. It's a lie, a fraud. With 300,000 left in the cold and the gaols, its a hoax in very bad taste.

They've gotten away with it far too long. Somebody now needs to stand up and shout at the top of their voice -" For fucks sake can't you see? The Emperor has no clothes!"

Or else they'll keep on getting away with it. It's only junkies. Can anybody do anything about it?

Gledwood said...

diamorphine is only expensive because the wankers in charge insist on freezed dried amps

and haven't they considered saying "look you spend £50 a week" (ha as if it's that low!!!!) of your dole on gear. contribute £20 or so and we'll absorb the rest and give you diamorphine. why not do that?

they could get it way cheaper if they provided it in jacks like it used to be in the 60s, ie like saccharine pills

did you know a 100mg dry amp costs about a fiver? that's a fiver for as much gear in a good ten-bag (pre drought)... considering organized crime is marking up that ten bag those cunts in the pharmy company are seriously profiteering, freeze dried or not!

ain't decaff coffee freeze dried. that doesn't cost a fiver a cup does it!!! not even in starbucks

fucking idiots. i have no faith in those tory wankers
and i hate labour even more
lib dems: beyond the pale

Gledwood said...


i never found a rock there or a platform like you'd assume

it's like a black hole of ever increasing pressure going into nothingness, there ain't nothing solid there, except pure gravity might FEEL solid

solid implies a stability, this bottoming out is just misery when i got to my very lowest i just felt my life was over, i wasn't even suicidal because to kill yourself you need life, i had no life left

i wasn't there for a long period only hours sometimes, days other times (not weeks on end i mean)

is that rock bottom? i gave up gear because i'd just had enough of it and could not go on the way i was

also i resent some 2 year old shithead holding MY happiness in his hand and charging MONEY for it

also the CRAP they put in gear... that's like taking a steak dinner and spitting all over it

id rather go vegetarian!

worldbones said...

hey ssssid just lettin u know i lost my phone so sry havent been in touch!! pretty sure it's in the house somewhere.In the rubble.U know how it is. :-DD Been readin this &goin thru ur archives.. heh heh. So much rings true.. Sometimes it seems if ur introverted, empathetic.. easily affected by the world.. it makes u more susceptible to downers..opiates.. pain relief. Relyin on heroin means u hav short term goals.. turns ur whole life into a cycle of hustlescorehustlescore so u dont have to think about anything else.. Another way it stops u hurting maybe.
Anyway, jus wanted to let u know im on ur side+ thinking of u my creature kin ;) xx Sailor

Sid said...

Your so right babes. I'm way too sensitive for this world.!
I carry so much on my shoulders.
Thanks for the noice comments everyone!


Gledwood said...

sorry for banging on and on i was gettting really excitable there wasn't i...

i got a diagnonsense i'm schizoaffective ie bipolar with sparkly knobs on

a few people at n.a. have well-meaningly said i ought to go to a detox unit but no fucking way am i going to a "normal" one again i KNOW FOR A FACT nearly ALL addicts do sleep on a dihydrocodeine taper because i've SEEN THEM DO IT... like babies! when i was wide a-fucking wake all night and couldn't even talk to night staff as too knackered from working day shifts and me being too fucking considerate for my own good if that ever happened again i would insist they talked to me i was that lost and down... i mean the no sleep was the least of my issues but if you want to see me go bat-shit crazy just put me on a detox that makes me lose it. every single time i lost it the way people probably would on cold turkey but i was on meds so i just cannot hack it i'm on reducing nhs methadone and coping better than nearly anyone else in that fucking place using on top wise so i'm fine with that y'know

re n.a. i'm giving them a wide berth at present as pissed off with being judged to be on drugs when clean. i understand why but i'm sure you'll understand why it really gets to me when i'm not using on top and just drinking a bit, not far off the govt. recommended max yet treated like i'm a terminal crackhead THANK GOD i found a dr at last who LISTENS TO ME and knows truth when he hears it i was blatantly truthful, not one drop of bullshitting, hiding, taking a certain pose or stance none of that just ME and at last at long fucking last somebody saw i was a fucked up mess who desperately needs help. and wow yeah you can be crazy and know it thats such a crock of shit that idea that you cant

anyway i'll ping off now hope all is ok your end you ARE ok aren't you? did you use again? i know it's hard doing a blog with a weight of expectations and hopes laid on you and wanting to be truthful i very nearly got into a state where i just fucking lied then realized i may as well give up blogging so i've been truthful even though it fucking hurt and hurt really bad i still told the unadulterated truth the only untruths are details changed to protect the innocent and guilty!