Thursday, 9 August 2012

Planning My Flood

I have all my medicene now for my flood in a couple of weeks!

Above, from left to right starting fro the top, we have: 20 grams of raw iboga root bark, 1000mg ibogaine in capsules (HCL, purified from iboga), 1800mg iboga bark in capsules. 3000mg raw root bark (RB) then in the bottom right silver satchel another 2000mg TA and to the left of that a further 1000mg HCL.

The material is from iboga world, I used them last time and the material is good quality and its couriered really fast., 36 hours from Cape town, South Africa! 

This may seem a lot but is enough for my flood, some boosters and then some. The last couple of attempts I've actually ran out, not had enough for boosters and ended up relapsing so I've made certain I have plenty this time!

I was going to combine TA with my HCL flood dose but have now decided not to,. TA, being the full alkaloids is much more likely to cause nausea and vomiting medicene before it has been absorbed is costly in more ways than one.
I vomited pretty much all the HCL last time I flooded, this combined with coming off a pretty big methadone habit I'm convinced is part of the reason I couldn't stay clean and relapsed.

So, here's my itinery/dosing schedule.. Bear in mind this is only a guide and in most cases needs to be altered. It's a rough guide, dosing needs to be played by ear somewhat, giving iboga as required in the days and weeks post flood to deal with PAWS and cravings.

My last hit of morphine will most probably be taken in the afternoon of the day before the flood. 
As you need to wait as long as possible before taking the iboga and I've found I can go the longest between doses overnight, I think this is my best option to get as long as I can betwee last dose and flood.


Maybe 3pm the day before I'll have my last hit. I'll also stop eating solids at this point. Maybe a light soup for dinner, the idea is to have as empty a stomach as possible before ingesting the medicene.
By bed time I'll probably be feeling a little crappy so will probably take half a diazepam or similar.

The next morning more of the same, no solids, reduced liquids.. It's a good idea to drink something with electrolytes in it in the days leading up to flooding so dioralyte is good, or even lucozade.

3pm will be the 24 hour mark and is really the minimum amount of time I need before dosing so I'll probably go longer. It helps to know that within an hour of dosing with iboga the withdrawals will be gone!

I'm hoping to get to the evening, maybe even as late as 8 or 9pm, 30 hours would be great, there's also a reason for flooding overnight, senses are heightened on iboga, noises, lights, smells etc.. I live in central London, it's pretty noisy and nightime would be a lot better. It will be dark too, hyper photosensitivety is a side effect best avoided!

I'll take a 'test dose' (200mg HCL) an hour before the full flood, this is just in case there's any reaction. I was fine last time so should be again.. I hope! 

After the hour I'll feel a little trippy, a little unsteady on my feet and most likely have that notorious buzzing in my ears. 
At this stage I'll take the rest of my flood dose, I'm 67kg and am planning on taking around 19mg/kg, this is around the middle of the usual dose range for opiate detoxes. The usual dose range is between 15mg and 22mg per kg of body weight. My dose therefore works out to a further 1000mg HCL, 1200mg in total. 

Time to go lie down and wait for it to hit!

I will have had my base line blood pressure and heart rate taken well before this stage and they will be monitored regularly for at least the first 12-18 hours.
Iboga can prolong qt interval and lower blood pressure. This is the reason any provider worth his salt will insist on having an ECG and a full blood panel done beforehand. Most pre-existing heart conditions will unfortunately rule you out of iboga treatment.

If everything goes to plan I'll spend the next eight to ten hours tripping balls haha..
Last time my acute withdrawl symptoms were zilch, nada, zero.. Incredibly, when technically I should be at the peak of withdrawal, iboga takes it all away!

After the initial intense trip comes the so called 'dream state', this can last up to around 36 hours, last time I just laid in bed, I couldn't really talk or move much but I had a general feeling of, well, warmth and security, like the plant spirit had taken me in its arms and was protecting me. I felt safe, not scared, or sick.

By 48 hours I'll be coming round, able to talk and  most importantly over three days clean from opiates!

Iboga has a stimulant effect, one of its original uses by the pygmies was a stimulant and aid to hunting. This means insomnia is par for the course unfortunately.
I'll not be feeling great, it can take a good week to two months to get your energy back. Over the next days and weeks I'll take a booster as required, 200mg of HCL or 400 mg of TA. 
It's usually advised you take a booster on day 7 no matter what. 
The idea is to keep the levels of nor-ibogaine up in the body. (Nor-ibogaine is what ibogaine is metabolised to in the liver and is generally believed to be responsible for the anti craving effect)

Taking more iboga after a flood is the last thing you want to do though, trust me.
This is where having an experienced provider to tell you to take it can be handy!

I'll be posting updates anyway and a few people are trying to convince me to broadcast the flood live over webcam!
I may just do it! Haha


Person said...

So what iboga are you going to take for a flood dose? TA or HCL? I hear TA is the best.

How much boosters have u got? weeks worth? months work?

there is talk about iboga giving you depression later, espeacially when it wears off, and also talk about doing somethign to the brain that u crave for root bark now and then otherwise u feel bad, basically people are discussing the long term affetcs of iboga, and why the Bwiti tribe take it so often because pshyclogicaly they feel they need it to for the rest of their life, it does make u think why addicts become providers and use some of the money to feed their root bark habbit, i think more research needs to be done on the long term affects of iboga.

Person said...

By the way are you doing this alone wit ha sitter? or a provider? if so is he or she a experienced provider? is it Paul Featherstone?

Person said...

Sorry lastly where did you get your iboga from? ibogaworld?


Sid said...

Hi, as I said I'll be taking pure HCL for the flood, HCL doesn't cause as much nausea as TA, it's also, medically speaking the safest form in such a high dose.
Ibogaine HCL still contains other alkaloids too, my original idea was to combine the two but after speaking with Jeff Israel I decided against it.

Some providers use pure TA or a mix of the two but I think this is purely more from a financial point of view.

I have enough boosters for at least three months and probably more lie six, depends how much I need to take really!

Iboga actually causing depression is very unlikely, I've never heard of such a thing. An ex long term opiate addict getting depression is very common.
It takes the brain a long time to start naturally producing serotonin and dopamine after years of abuse, if anything iboga helps lift the depression.
I was suicidally depressed for a year when I stopped a seven year methadone and heroin habit.
Unfortunately it's inevitable for a long time abuser but blaming it on iboga is misguided and not backed up by any evidence.

I'm not too sure what your implying by 'providers doing treatments to pay for their root bark habit' either?

Iboga is neither addictive nor habit forming. Trust me it's not a drug you want to take recreationally for fun!
If your talking about Sarah then yes she is known to and doesn't hide the fact she uses root bark pretty regularly, I'm not sure how you reached the conclusion she does treatments to provide for her 'bark habit' though!?

Root bark is inexpensive as it is and I'm sure she has access to it even cheaper so your comment is confusing..

I've never heard of anyone 'craving' root bark before.

I have three people sitting with me and I bought the iboga from iboga world who I've used before, I've never had an problems with the product or actually receiving it.

Sid said...

Just to make clear, I got depressed coming of a seven year methadone alone, just a long taper, no iboga.

Bridgette said...

Hi there Sid. Is HCL stronger or TA stronger? can doing a flood dose of one of these Ibogaine make all the difference? or can either TA or HCL still work? I only know 1 provider and he only uses TA for flood. Am thinking if he can use HCL for me?

About the depression yes I also read on eboka and other forums where folks feel a bit under the weather 4-6 months after taking Iboga. If Ibogaine helps with depression then isn't it obvious that once Ibogaine's glow comes off then the individual will feel a bit low?

Ive never taken Ibogaine before but am thinking about it as I have been taking subutex for 7 years.

Do you think sub or methadone is worse? also you weaned down the methadone right? shouldn't you feel less depressed then?

donate said...

I did iboga o get off morphine extended release or what you call it now zamorph. I only felt that the iboga masked the withdrawals and not released them otherwise I wouldnt have had withdrawals lasting 3 long weeks, the first week after ibogaine I was doing ok but then the withdrawals kind of leashed on me. I do agree with iboga giving you depression aftwards, because I felt it at the 3rd month, by that time iboga left my liver or receptors.

I certainly do not believe in this, its an opiate in my honest humble opinion, anything which helps other opiate withdrawals will obviously give you side affects too, you don need to be Eienstein to figure this out.

Sid said...

Againn, iboga DOES NOT CAUSE depression, years of opiate abuse does...

It also doesn't take einsteint to work out with a little googling that ibogaine is not an opiate

Slow release morphine has a much longer half life to IR morphine and heroin. A low wave dose protocol would have got you through it with negligible acute and paws wd'sa

Please, justnbecausenit didn't work for you it doesn't mean it's shit and a sham..

Sounds like you went in with high expectations and didn't have enough boosters my friend..

People have been successfully detoxes form methadone and subutex, David Graham Scott being the prime example.. There was even
A gut that came of 500mls yes I'll say that again 500!mls

He was low doses over ten days and Achieved abstinence with minnmal PAWS..

Please research before bandying around false info

Sid said...

Hi Bridgette,

HCL is the strongest extract of mainly just the ibogaine alkaloid. Its usually around 98% pure and is the best and safest choice for detoxing from LAO's like meth and subs.

Saying that, providers are differents, as far as I'm aware Sarah Glatt in holland only uses TA (an extract of the full iboga alkaloids anywhere between 15-50% the strength of HCL)

You could uses either to be honest, I wouldn't suggest TA for a subs detox, you'll need to be dosed for longer to cover residual withdrawals and HCL also has a much better, proven safety profile. TA can also cause much more nausea but some prefer it as it contains all the alkaloids and they feel it gives a rounder experience.

Honestly if you were going to come of that amount of subs with it id suggest against it. If you can taper to around 2mg or less you'll have a much better chance of success. Even a SAO like morphine or even heroin is better to come off!

Theres a general agreement that both subs and meth are the hardest to get off. I think subs is regarded as harder as its so competitive at the receptors even ibogaine struggles with it. It is possible but you would need to be dosed over a few days most likely, which ain't much fun

Ibogaine Definately has an antidepressant effect, even a stimulating and anxiolytic one at low doses (600mg RB daily) and this is also the protocol im using now to reduce my dose of MST. I've cut it by more than half in three days by taking RB daily an hour before my hit.

It potentialities the opiates AND Extends the time they work allowing you to reduce very comfortably

I'll try and help with any more questions anyhow

And yes, people report depression after anywhere between two weeks and six months
This is when ibogaines metabolite nor-ibogaine has left the body. To relieve the depression one only needs to take a booster again for a few days/weeks to get the levels up. Ibogaine actually helps repair those serotonin and dopamine pathways!

People give up too easy, we're addicts, I've done it.

McCallister said...

Hi Sid..Good info. Am wondering too about HCL or TA..You know Paul from UK? he says he uses TA but am on subutex and if I want to use HCL will that be possible for Paul Featherstone to give me?

tiger said...

The iboga can cause depression, anything which makes you feel good or normal and then you quit it does have an affect on your brain. If you put something in your brain to feel less depressed then take it out then obviously it will have an affect, i felt depressed whenever i stopped iboga root bark and after my flood dose for coming off codeine.