Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ibogaine... take two

So I took my second dose Sunday night, I waited til I was in full withdrawal before taking it as I only had such a small amount leftover..

Some background.. I ordered a full flood dose online about a month ago with the full intention of stopping using.
I really struggled with that detox, I was fine until about day three when the PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) hit me like a ton of bricks!
I'd drastically underestimated the amounts of methadone I was taking and in my naivety didn't predict that the horrendously long half-life of methadone meant that even only taking 30-40mls every few days as needed would mean it kicked back in after I had got the heroin out of me...!

I didn't have any ibogaine left, all I would have needed were a couple of small booster doses and I would have been fine..I tried desperately to find someone in the UK that could help to no avail
Eventually I managed to get a gram of TA extract but it took two weeks to arrive and I needed .. something.. Like NOW.

Post Ibogaine is said to be like recovering from a general anaesthetic  , low blood pressure, lethargy... insomnia.. the day after time goes so slowly.. it's pretty taxing on the body too..Food tastes really weird too.. it takes a whole to get your appetite back.

Anyway, while I waited for my parcel to arrive I gave in and scored, because of the drought in the UK at the moment, easier said than done,, It did mean though that my habit was down to like 0.1g a day, tiny.. and no methadone as opposed to 1/16th heroin IV a day plus methadone the first time... a pretty big habit by any ones standards..

In this time I also FOUND 400mg Ibogaine HCL that I'd forgotten I'd hid whilst on it the first time!
I could have cried! That easily would have got me through the PAWS.
It did mean that I could now add this to my TA so the amount I now had was very near the full 19mg/kg flood dose needed for opiate withdrawal..

So, Sunday night I went for it, it wasn't as intense as the first time and I didn't throw up this time either

I'm now 56 hours post treatment and feel fantastic.. I'm actually clean..

Which just leaves the big question... why oh why, isn't this drug being tested around the world!
It's amazing!

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