Sunday, 26 December 2010

Ibogaine Interview Coming Soon!

I've lined up an interview with an ibogaine provider from the U.S

Will be putting it on here next week at some point.. Should be interesting to get some idea of the difficulties faced in a country where ibogaine is schedule one and providers face imprisonment for even possessing it!


Anonymous said...

Hi, which provider did you interview?


Sid said...

Well it will be anonymous as don't want incriminate anyone!

Gledwood said...

The USA, land of the Free!!!

I found something else that mentions ibogaine:

Gledwood said...

Trust me not to give the connection. It's to do with an unreal dreamlike state.

I'm not saying I had onerowhatsit bc I don't think I did at all. But I went into an "unusual" mental state and strangely it helped me stop taking heroin so I'm thankful to my mind for doing it free of charge without having to take another chemical. Mine had a strange similarity to "mania" (ahem). Hmmmm. Yeah. Good. (Or not good. Who nose?)