Monday, 20 December 2010

Bloody Snow!

So I've been waiting two weeks now for my Ibogaine to arrive in the post..

There's no bloody flights into and out of the UK so obviously that includes post planes...

What annoys me the most is that I paid £40 for courier delivery which normally takes 4-5 days, I may as well have paid the £6 snail mail option!

I really bloody need it, I'm really struggling with not relapsing, there's only so much PAWS one person can take!
It's unbearable, every day, constant physical pain, the minutes feel like hours and it feels like it's never gonna end!

Stupid UK, everything grinds to a halt when it snows here! Other countries with year round snow cope with it!
It's embarrassing, it snows a bit and there's no flights in or out of the UK for days, the roads are closed off, the buses empty they're passengers and the trains all stop..



Gledwood said...

It's the WRONG TYPE OF SNOW doncha know!

C'mon you know Britain's crap. That's why we got such a bad drought.

Did you know British gear is among the best in Europe? Way better than French, which by all accounts you have to filter TWICE and it still does hardly anything. Yuck.

I hope those bastards lose control of the business. I heard comments saying why don't they bring it over from Colombia, but that would take 2 years to arrange. They'd have to treble their production to supply Britain (unless the online figures are a lie). Also wouldn't it be cool to plunge New York into drought because it was all coming here!! Ha ha ha.

This ibogaine, I heard you take it once in a high amount and then never want to use again... so that's not the case then? Also does it block withdrawals? If so how much?

I saw a docco on telly about this guy who wanted to come off a supposedly terrible 20 year or something methadone habit. He was shown hitting up and puking. Well unless there was lots of coke in that shot, which it didn't look like (no profuse sweating, no rabbit in headlights trembly look) he was a liar plain and simple. I've only ever puked BEFORE a hit. Never after. How can you puke on heroin unless you're an absolute beginner..??


Sid said...

Yeah it seems Americans either get china white or tar.. which sounds pretty awful stuff, I don't think you can even bang it up, they mix it with citric and water and snort it! WTF!?

Basically Iboagine is meant to be a one time thing, and for a lot of people ot works just taking it once, for us old timers though it's not uncommon to need two or three treatments.

The one dose thing is the main reason drug companies wont invest research onto it, they obviously like long term, money spinning daily maintenance drugs..

With Ibo you take a large 'flood dose' for the detox bit, opiate naeve people will generally take 5-10mg per kg for a psychoactive effect, with opiates they partially block it's effects so twice as much is needed, usually around the 19mg/kg mark, that's what I took first time.
I can categorically say that within an hour of taking it I wasn't withdrawing any more, the most intense part is the first four hours, visions etc, then it was literally like a click of the fingers, I went into the second stage which isnt as intense and you just sort of lay there thinking and processing, this can go on for up to 36 hours, you can't sleep during this bit.. the insomnia can go on for days and was actually the last part, being lucid and still ataxic.
I threw my guts up after about 3 hours so an anti-emetic is always good an hour before dosing..
This websiteis interesting.. peoples experiences etc

It does relieve cravings while your on it, heroin is the last thing your thinking of which is kinda cool..

The stats for people that only need it once and never want drugs again are good, but generally people need boosters, I made the mistake of thinking I wouldn't need any stupidly...

That's what I'm waiting for now, they're low dose root bark capsules that you can take every day for PAWS, in small doses (600-1000mg root bark) you don't get any hallucinatory effect, the only thing it may cause in difficulty sleeping if you take it in the afternoon, but a lot of people dose daily like this for cravings/PAWS

Hope that helps :)

Sid said...

There's a lot of good info here too

Gledwood said...

Here's a quote from the link you sent that chimes closely to my own experience:~

At low doses, ibogaine exerts primarily a stimulant effect, increasing alertness and reducing fatigue, hunger, and thirst (Rezavani, Overstreet, and Lee, 1995), though not in the manner of stereotypical CNS stimulants, such as amphetamine or cocaine (Da Costa, Sulklaper, and Naquet, 1908). At higher doses (typically above 3 mg/kg), ibogaine's primary psychological effects include the retrieval of repressed memories, closed eye visual imagery (CEVs), and a state characterized as "waking dreaming" (Popik and Glick, 1996).

From anecdotal reports, it appears that memories are relived in a sense, primarily in a visual modality, but without the emotional weight they carried when the events occurred, allowing the individual to view them with greater insight (Naranjo, 1974; Alper et al., 1999). Subjectively, these effects have been described as fantasies, "as a movie run at high speed, or a slide show" (Lotsof, 1995). These fantasies are easy to manipulate by both the subjects and the clinician, and therefore this phenomenon has been sighted as a potentially valuable tool in psychotherapy (Naranjo, 1967, 1974). The imagery experienced under the effects of ibogaine is often largely Jungian in content, involving archetypes seemingly common across cultures; frequently animals, birth and rebirth sequences, and/or the subject with or without individuals (Popik and Glick, 1996). While ibogaine does share features common with many compounds labeled as hallucinogenic, it does not cause thought disturbances, alterations in reality testing, nor is it psychomimetic (Luciano, 1998; Goutarel, Gollnhofer, and Sillans 1993; Popik and Glick, 1996). Rather than classify ibogaine as a hallucinogen, it is suggested that the compound be termed oneirogenic, due to the "waking dream" state it induces, from the Greek, meaning "dream creator" (Naranjo, 1974; Goutarel, Gollnhofer, and Sillans, 1993).

Those effects are something like what happened to me that CRAZY WEEKEND. Then I went off heroin. What a coincidence..!

Sid said...

Yep, that's exactly the bit I was trying to paste into your comments, Ibo is quite gentle and people say humorous too.. it really isn't scary at all.
It's said that wanting to give back something after ibo therapy is common, if I can do anything to help you just let me know... :)

Gledwood said...

BTW another thing re Colombian gear, far as I know the kilo-price in NYC is higher than it (used to be) here. I heard it was just £13k here, that's about $20,000. But the street price seemed quite similar.

Do you know they make #4 gear in Afghanistan. The lazy bastards just won't bring it here. It costs about 25% more on the kilo but it's about 25% stronger! So you're getting what you pay for.

I asked one dealer for it and his very first words were "but you can't smoke that, can you?" and that's the crux of it. B is more versatile because you can smoke it. Smoking gear is an excellent way of introducing new customers, and it's not quite as half-arsed as e.g. snorting China White. I always found smoking slightly stronger than snorting. Skinpopping was way stronger than smoking. Once I got into that it was only a few months before I was IVing.

The fact that acidified B is bad for your veins doesn't bother the dealers. Perhaps if they realized that losing your veins is a big factor in people giving up they'd think again. I'd never in a million years go near brown if I had a proper choice and I hate the dealers for that alone. Selling substandard shit. How can anyone take pride in their work knowing it's CRAP they're dealing? I just don't get it.

Another thing, tell me if you think this is true, but the number of kids who transparently disrespect their customers and are obviously in it solely to make as much cash as quickly as possible by giving crap deals seems to have increased. About half the dealers I knew in the end fell into that category and I very much resented ever having to do business with them. I only knew one really good dealer in the end, another who had been good but passed his phone to a wanker, another who used to be good and ~ snap! ~ passed his phone to an idiot. Yet another one who used to serve up proper and now gives samples but the gear doesn't match up... the bags are too small... I'd just had enough of it. The number 2 man I went to had a really snotty attitude. His bags were nice, but he wouldn't even do 4x10 at 35! Also I strongly suspected this one was stamping on the gear himself, which is inforgivable in my book.

Sorry to rant. Those are my fascinating thoughts on gear!!!

Gledwood said...

Thanks. I dragged out the longer comment from spam and replied to it there. BTW do you know a book called Journeys to the Bright World by Alltounian/Moore? The online pdf link is chez moi. I downloaded it free and read it, it's really good but depressing... after the book was finished she took K alone in the woods and died of hypothermia. But it is a Ketamine Classic, along with John Lilly. In the early 90s before the internet it was incredibly hard to find those books. Only shop I knew was Compendium in Camden Town. When that shut down I never went to Camden again except under duress. Camden lost its soul when it lost Compendium books