Friday, 10 December 2010

If anyone in London wants a sitter...

I really struggled finding a UK provider, so I ended up doing it at home with my partner as a sitter...

Providing you pass the medical questions and obtain the Ibogaine yourself im happy to sit for you..

Im no expert but after having gone through it twice and researching it for years I know a fair bit about using it.

So.. apply within, or ask a question :)


BMelonsLemonade said...

Just ran across your blog, and can't wait to read more. I am an ex-addict myself...I wanted to say, I know quite a few queer junkies out there...I am from New Orleans, though. Maybe I am just an exception.

konner said...

Am intrested in wanting a sitter. How do I message u here Sid? or do I post through here?

Anonymous said...

hi sid! hope you are going romstrength very interested in ibogaine.... happy 2011!!!! love ez x

Spiritual Pilot said...

Hi Sid,

Stumbled across your blog via Ibogaine mailing list.

I've been trying out cheapish drug free ways to relax or help PAWs for a few years now.

Here's a few of them. Was going to email it to you, but then thought, maybe the info will help others too, so let it be public.

Should help your restless legs, anxiety, asthama, insomnia.
Majority of population is said to be deficient. It is poorly absorbed orally, so...
Cheapest easiest way to take is 2 handfuls Magnesium Sulphate aka Epsom Salts in bath. Soak 20min,
Cost about £3.50 for 10 baths full? (fuzzy memory)

There are contra-indications and precautions so pls google them before tossing great handfuls in your bath and going too far. Like most things, too much Magnesium is not a good thing. I say, start with a conservative dose and ease up from there.

Vit C aka Ascorbic Acid:

Now this is a promising one because it is fairly cheap and appears to help PAWs and maybe full on w/ds as well.

More info here:

And here:

Cheapest option:
Ascorbic acid, 60g £2.80 from local chemist.

Tablets inc. the dissolving ones work out a lot more expensive per gram of vit c that you're getting.

Cheapest option, buy in bulk online.

**Important- Sugar increases the body's need for vit c, or...blocks it's absorption, something like that. Anyhow, the more sugar you take in, the more vit c you will need to counteract that sugar.
So when on withdrawal or PAWs, do your best to keep sugar intake down.

points PC6 and HT7 great for anxiety and insomnia. Just press on them with fingers. Rub on lavender essential oil too if you have it.
Acupuncture/pressure maps online. Mine is in my head so no addresses :/

Interesting articles on using plant medicine here:

and here:

Note: Relatively large doses of such medicines are needed to combat withdrawals.

Yep I'm an Iboganaut too :D

I get mine from Maya Ethnobotanicals. Bought many times from them. Always genuine article. Prices about average or a little cheaper. Tho postage does add on. Fast delivery-max 5 working days.

WARNING! UK Gov has announced plans to restrict sales of herbal medicines (among many other related things like vitamin and mineral supplements). Hard to predict how this will affect sales (or possession). V.little clear or specific info on gov site.



Sid said...

Great tips!

Im taking high dose Vit C already, and do 5 poinbt acupuncture myself.

PAWS is a bitch, there seems to be only so much ibo can do... Ive been taking 600mg root bark every day which im sure helps, im going too do 400mg TA today as a booster too...

Ill look at that ethnobotanicals, ive always bought from just because Its the only one with good testimonials.. they also helped me out, sending me 1g of TA on credit when I was really ill which was very kind.

Spiritual Pilot said...

Argh, I just typed out a carefully thought out comment and then somehow hit the back key. All gone.

Main thing I wanted to say is, if you want to try magnesium, or valerian or ginseng....Got a few other things as well...

And you or your partner/friend lives in NW central London? You could send someone to meet me at my local caff and I would be glad to give them some supps.

Not got loads spare but enough for a week?

Yep I also hit a wall with Ibo and what it could do for w/ds.
I later got told though that I was way too ill and underweight (or rather, underfat, it was too low body fat) to be doing a detox. (Been severely ill with chronic, and now degenerating illness for ten years. So, looking back, a flood dose on my own was a bit crazy. But you know how determined you get to get off once and for all. Just wanted to do it before it was too late.
Turns out it was too late for me.

I -can- still manage micro dosing for spiritual healing though :D I'm not out of the Iboga running yet! And boy does it help you cope with the changes you must go through as your health deteriorates. And you get into nappies, wheelchairs, and start to search for the best, most queer friendly, most medical cannabis friendly hospice! (it's like trying to get into a good school, or job, lol!).

Iboga is great for all spiritual journies imho :D
Long live Iboga!

Gotta go, it's something something o'clock (eyesight starting to get a bit fuzzy, doh).

Night all ;D Sid, I admire you and I think it's bloody great that you appreciate your partner, and that he is there for you, and that you are doing this for the third time. You've got dedication and you are right, you -will- get there in the end, rock on! :D
Best wishes.

Spiritual Pilot said...

P.S New doc on channel 4 od called The Nurture Room. Haven't watched it yet but looks good. Lot of us addicts missed out on nurturing, safe environment as babies and youngsters.
The Nurture Room is for kids, but still relevant to us imho.

P.P.S I have found swinging in hammocks, esp big net hammock that embraces you, to be very soothing to the nervous system. Reduces pain too. Some cheap but strong looking ones on ebay made of parachute silk. About £15?
Not bought one myself tho. cos already had one from a now out of business co.

Sid said...

Hey, yeah Iboga sure takes it out of you, so if you were not in a great place physically anyway I can see how you would struggle! Saying that it is bloody amazing stuff..!
My other half has gone out to get some epsom salts today actually.. Ive also been taking Rhodelia Rosea for fatigue,omega complex, B,C,D.. Im deficient in most anyway as im coeliac...
Thanks for the kind offer, were in Hackney though so not so close.. adn any journey further than the shop right now feels like a nightmare..!
Ive really found dope to help, not only does it stop your restless legs for a while, you forget about what's going on for short periods as you get sucked into TV or whatever your doing.. even 30 seconds relief from the 24/7 aching/craving/emotional rollercoaster is lovely.. shame all you can get is skunk nowadays... whatever happened to good old weed or hash... I dont want to trip,!.. just get the munchies and giggle!