Monday, 29 November 2010

Link to online petition for fair treatment of heroin addicts

Go sign!

A couple of people have mentioned that they don't want to sign as don't want to give out they're full name.

You don't need to give a full name, it doesn't track your IP address or anything like that, I think you can even sign anonymously.

All you need is a first/second name and an email address... make a new email if your worried about it!

But please sign it!, Im gonna need thousands of signatures!

Also please feel free to copy and paste the link wherever you want!


Gledwood said...

ok i finally found it and linked in i tried to do this days ago im all over the fucking place sorry
i linked the petition but pressed wrong button or something box was blank i'm not sleeping gotta go take it easy

Sid said...

Nice one cheers mate!