Friday, 24 December 2010


So I had enough money in my bank to just about get through the holiday, about £200 for a week and a half... (this is London)

I checked it this morning and £150 has dissapeared! It came out today (whatever it is) and the bank can't even tell me what is is... AND it's christmas stupid bloody eve so I now can't even find out till Monday..!

I actually punched a wall for the first time in my life.. why do I have such shit luck!? Ive now got £40 for nearly two weeks so anything I was going to do is now cancelled as that will all go on gas and electricity!

Things like this always happen to me


Gledwood said...

O Sid fucking hell you have my full sympathy. I've been messed about by my bank BADLY more than once.

Did you know that when the DSS pay money into an account, they also have the right (and use it) to fish money OUT again ~ without telling you ~ if and when they decide an overpayment has been issued, or that the dosh came to you in error. this happened once to me and the bank refused even to acknowledge the cash had been there in the first place. They were more interested in stinging me for that £25, £30, whatever it was Unauthorized Overdraft Punishment Fee....

If ONLY I'd taken a "print balance" or better still "print mini statement" I'd have had at least one leg to stand on...

... so my advice is make sure you get a printed balance and mini statement.

If things get complicated, you might find it helps to do business the way I always used to. That is, insisting on doing everything in writing. Don't give the bank your phone number. If they have your number, switch off voicemail and don't answer to them. Stick to the utter bare bones of the situation, play your cards right close to your chest. Remember "forwarned is fore-armed". So give the least information possible. It may take a little longer, but not much. And you'll avoid those endless waits on telephone "trees" listening to glockenspiel music.

That's how I fought my battles ~ on paper ~ and I always got satisfactory results.

So there you have it: the sum total of Gledwood's Bank-Reprimanding Expertise.

I gotta run, the Royle Family's halfway done. It was great talking to you online. You've nothing to apologize for re you know.

Have a merry one what's left and I'll be in touch soon.


Sid said...

It's so typical, shit like this always happens to me, especially around stupid poxy christmas!

I still can't even find out where the money went till at least Tuesday!

Im so skint! I hate it!

I sent you a message on your blog.. I haven't sent you an email recently by the way.... It was quite a long time ago I last sent one.. if you reply i'll have your right contact details anyway


Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Sid, that always happens to me... and all my addict friends. You're not alone.

And I go to the bank and at first they can't explain and then a week later they call me in and show me footage of ME withdrawing it and then making a phone call in the same instance... and then I remember...and then it doesn't seem too bad.


hope you're well...

All My best, Shane. X

Gledwood said...

Shane man that is HIGHLY disorganized!!!

Sid said...

Haha Shane.. Things like this always happen to me.. I found out thismorning it's from some loan that I took out.. I wasnt going to pay it back and I didn't realise I had given them details of this bank account! (I have three)

Just annoyed that it came out on xmas eve!

Hope your well!?


Gledwood said...

Aaaaakh Sid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!