Monday, 20 August 2012

Three Day Countdown!

Three Day Countdown!

Wow!, well, where do I start?!

For the last week I've been taking supplements (not nessacary but useful)
Omega 3,6,9
High dose vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin B
Also, 75mg asprin a day (which will be stopped tomorrow)

I've been using daily rootbark now for the last week or so, starting at 300mg upon waking and I can now easily take up to 1200mg with no obvious psychoactive effects.
By using bark I've managed to reduce my MST intake from 600mg daily to between 100 and 200! - Iterally amazed! 

Honestly, I've had a few slips, a few 'last shot ever' moments that have left me feeling flat, and skirt! 

The combo of bark and the odd 5mg Diaz has worked wonders!

So, I have everything in place, medical equipment, detox protocol for dosing, other complimentary meds. I've established my vital obs baselines and have written a letter of intent to absolve any sitters of responsibility.

  David is arriving Wednesday evening, I'll take my last shot of MST with him filming, stop eating and drinking and generally prepare myself for the next morning.

I'm hoping I'll get more than 12 hours before I take my iboga. Should be more like 18-24 by using bark.
Well start the treatment Thursday morning/afternoon 
After the 'test dose' (200mg I'll be spreading a further 1200mg over the next 48 hours or so, in doses of between 200 and 400mg's (HCL) 

This 'low wave' dosing is the safest way, especially with my current chest infection. 

So, wish me luck, I'll have my head down for the next few days preparing mentally and physically but I'll try to keep you guys updated on here or my twitter (exheroinjunkie)



Anonymous said...

Feel free to contact me if you want through or through the email addy I wrote you from. I will be with you in thought on Thursday. Love.

Anonymous said...

Today is the same date I did my ibogaine treatment. It's a good sign for sure.


PS: see you tomorrow evening.

Anonymous said...

Hope my comment makes it on here.
BTW I love your blogs on here, Sid!

Tiger said...

The problem is when you stop taking root bark, whenever I stopped I tended to feel shit again. I was doing codeine and using low dose bark to decrease my dosage, though it made decreasing easier I realised whenever I missed days of root bark I felt horribly in withdrawals. U had memory loss too and lets me honest here, the iboga does do something to our brains, does it kill cells? change brain chemistry specifiable to depression? I think yes.