Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day Nine Update!


Day nine!

Cant quite believe it myself!

Aside from the lethargy and boredom I'm doing great!

No PAWS, no restless legs, no depression!

I know its only a week, but it's still a fuckin week!

I'm still taking bark micro doses every day and did a 200mg HCL booster earlier.

All in all, a very successful detox! 


karl said...

Well done mate, I hope it works out for you !

Vee said...

Hey Sid,
Great to hear everything's going so well. I've been checking in to see how you're doing and you must be proud of yourself eh...yeah it's early days, but don't knock it, we all know how hard detox is and it sounds like this is working really good...hang on in there :)
Vee X

Fallen Angel... said...

Great job Sid. And dont knock 9 days bcz 9 days is great and thats a whole 9 days gear free which is awesome. Truly sendin yu good vibes and cant wait to hear about your 30 days update and have the upmost faith yu can do it!! Sop happy for you and it truly gives me hope that I can one day (soon hopefully) be giving my own clean time updates.