Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Night Before!!

Wow, so many mixed emotions, mainly positive I have to say!

Ive planned and planned, read and read, researched and read forum after forum about iboga,
I think I have a pretty good understandingmofmthe risks and benefits now.

It's an informed decision, I NEED to do this!

I should be taking my last dose of 100mg MST in a couple of hours, after a dinner of Dahl, rice and pakora I'll be taking a long bath, having some auricular acupuncture, meditating and having a chilled  evening until an early night.

Davidmis nearly here, I'll bring him up to speed with all the medical stuff, doses etc with a view to taking the test dose early morning, my first 'low wave' dose (200mg-400mg HCL) an hour later, the longer I can wait between last morphine dose and flood the better, overnight is my best chance, I'll be able to get a minimum of 12 hours, hopefully more like 15-20 but will see how it goes.

Knowing the first dose will attenuate withdrawals is great,
I'm really looking forward to it all actually!

Will keep you all updated!

Wish me luck!



Luna_mama said...

good luck, keep us posted!

thinking of you xx

Luna_mama said...

i also did want to ask where you got your root bark from or where the best place to go is?

would be really grateful of some help!

Sid said...

Hey, thanks Luna :D

I'll try and update here as much as is comfortably possible!

Ive always bought my ibogaine from

Great customer services, theyll talk you through everything, from medical questions to appropriate dosing.

If you ask to speak with Michelle and say I sent you she'll be more than happy to help!

They're quite expensive but the quality is always top notch and really fast, trackable delivery.

Luna_mama said...

thanks for the info! i think im gonna go for it!

you gonna post david's video??

Tiger said...

I took ibogaine for codein in april but I could not never get over the restless legs and the messed up depression, that shit lasted for 3 months wth me until I went on tramdol. Man am not sure about this iboga, I too bought mines from ibogaineworld and had a sitter, an experienced one, they also gave me boosters but they didnt seem to do much other then zonk me out. All I can say is be prepared for the next 6 months or so, its difficult when ibogaine banishes from your system, all that feel good feelings evaporate man and you feel shit.

Good luck man.

Sailor said...

Good luck, you're never far from the front of my mind xxx

velatina said...

The trip was wild for me man but it didnt clean my receptors fully. First I was on methadone and then after thaqt morphine sustaint release, because of the half life of morphine the ibogaine never totaqlly kicked the morph from my ceptors, therefor I had some withdrawals for couple of weeks. One thing that almost broke me was the depression, this can be related to drug abuse but also related to ibogaine, we arent sure, but I do remember feeling very low after my flood dose. I was posted rootbark but all that seemed to do was kncck me out i na weird way, didnt take away depression and paws. I am on low dose naltrexone and dihydrocodeine now, see if I can wean or taper off that

Sid said...

Miss you sailor c

Sid said...


I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able to type better!

Vee said...

Hey Sid,
Thinking of you, hope it's going well
Vee X