Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day three post flood! I'm on top of the world!

Day four!

Well, I have to say, it was a painfree, comfortable, gentle detox.

I think what save me fro the PAWS though was for the two weeks leading up to my detox I was micro dosing root bark daily around the 2g limit before you get into psychoactive dose range..

Tolerance builds quick with RB and I know a few people that can easily manage 4000mg daily.,!

So, my experience, I had a sitter, checking my bp and pulse evy thirty minute. No visuals but just knowing that that 100mh HCL 'test' will get out out of trouble.

Last time I tried ibo I was on pretty hefty methadone dose.
Methinks such a long acting opiate, I think has a17,5 half life, so .you imagine taking that insidious disgusting deign day after day, 72 hours half life, on that half life builds up.

And that's why, looking back now I didn't do with research, I didn't/ couldn't afford it. 

So here's a few titbits,,,

My conclusion is if your coming from methadone or suboxone, it's a VERY good idea to swap to a Sao, for a minimum two weeks pre-flood!
providers work in different ways, Sarah Glatt ont used 'TA' (total alkaloid extract From the iboga shrub. , around 15% stronger Usually)

Medical stuff, is ESSENTIAL, im not trying to put a downer on you or put you off, but, any provider with their salt will require an EKG, full Blood Count and liver function test, the physical should examine you liver too for size
So, essential..

AS for me I haven't slept for four days Now, benzos dontn touch the sides with rewards to heroin, 

Anyway, I'm feeling very positive, I've been to a meeting and arranged a session with a psychologist next week :)

I think im doing great,day  three, 72 hours since last hit, and ZERO,ZILCH withdraw symptoms at all, now shivering orrls, nothing! AMAZING!

The film maker Dacid Graham Scott,from the original 'Detox or die' has been with me the whole tome,time, looking after me, im a,little overwhelmed about the generosity of juarez Facebook friends have need so generous and kind and I'd love  to pay back at some point! 

We had a couple of hairy moments, my pulse Dropped to 42bpm at one stage 

Anyways when im more together I'll pit s doc together onto ISC
Bp graph,medical conditions, absolving of provider met..

But for right now, I'm on top of the bloody world! 

Trust me, this stuff works,  I've had about 15 odd years and now I final positive, no depression,


Go google :) 

And thanks for all the support!

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Anna said...

If you can stay clean for 3 months and still feel good then we cna say iboga "may" work for short acting opiates.

You should not be so premature, its only 3 days post-flood, thats when the iboga is still in your system right. So wait until the iboga leaves your system which could be after couple of weeks or monthsm and then be honest about your experience. I also felt on top of the world for a week post-flood but 2 1/2 months later I felt a big downeer and depressed, I dont know if it was relateds to the iboga but I did have PAWS after iboga, even with root bark boosters. I was coming off methadone and heroin then.. But was off methadone for 3 weeks prior to my flood dose.

Please give us an update when your at the 3rd month mark, if you havent used up to then..And please be honest if you do relapse or if your in paws or withdrawals..Ive seen too many people claim falsley iboga works only for them to relapse and still feel in PAWS..Thats why I didnt do any research before my flood dose as I believed those stories, but then I realized people just did not want to admit reality and were too embarassed to claim ibiga didnt work or they were in paws and relapsed..

If I do iboga again I will be off for around 2 months, I will not do iboga so soon after methadone or heroin..

Anna said...

I forgot to mention if it really worked then you wouldsnt have relapsed previously post iboga would you? it depends on what you mean "it works" doesit work aftwr being off opiates for a month? works for short acting opiates? works for heroin? works for 2 weeks? you have to take these factors into consideration.

I too felt high and good for a week, but after that I could feel PAWS creeping up on me. I had root bark to help me but they didnt work for long other then knock me for couple of hours.

I would wait for 3 months or even 2 months to see how your really feeling and if you can cope without iboga and root bark. Then I would conclude about iboga..

You also have to be realistic and know that iboga can damage some part of your GP who actually has looked into iboga and talked to patients claims its a real possibility and there is no way out of it, so please be careful folks about that..Please wait for couple of months.

But remember short acting opiates are way different to long acting opiates..You only need to be in witdrawals for 3-4 days for SAO and then your fine, by then no point of doing iboga, but it depends on each individual I suppose.

Kayleigh said...

@Anna I agree. People need to give time for the iboga or ibogaine glow to dissapear and then see if they can stay clean. Iboga is not the answer for the long run. What happens when that iboga feeling wores off? back to paws and cravings isnt it? it can rid some of the acute withdeawals of substances such as heroin and morphine but you dont need tp spend thousands on iboga for those kind of opiates, because couple of benzos and loprmaide will do the trick for those opiates. Its what comes after that is the major problem. Suppose junkies will be junkies. Its sad because you see people our age and younger who are now married with children, goot brolliant careers, got their own properties, couple of cars and enjoying life, even going on holidays, yet we are scrapping for every pound to do iboga to get rid of acute withdrawals of drugs, so we cant blame the educated people who look down us, we chose to do drugs so we cant play the blame game. Many people were strong enough not to give into temptation and they are the ones who have a good life and succeed in whatever it is. Its pretty embarassing too.

Sid said...

Lol, I dont even remember writing these posts..

Im gonna leave them up though just to show how ataxic it makes you.

What do I mean by 'it works'?

Well it takes acute withdrawal away 100% for me and most...

Day three I was obviously still high on iboga glow.. now im a few weeks clear and free of opiates and benzos I can still say it works although Im still needing root bark for PAWS