Friday, 31 August 2012

Day Ten?

So, day ten I think! 

I feel great, no cravings, zero withdrawal symptoms, not fiending

Fuckin amazing drug! 

Will update at day 30 with a proper run down, apologies if I hasn't replied to comments, I have the brain of a five year old. 

Anyway, the shit works!


thisisrob said...

Great stuff dude. Keep it up.

Single-Mum said...

You said you was feeling depressed in another board Sid. And yes you di get depressed after ibogaine, I can verify that. At 10 days and your saying it works? you was in morphine correct? with due respect morphine isnt the hardest opiate to kick in terms of the duration of withdrawals. The withdrawals are technically the easy part, the ones which come after such as residual withdrawals the the biggest problem, and from my own experience the ibogaine does not help with that.

In my honest view the ibogaine is only for 50 something addicts who are psychical dependent on opiates such as darvcets, codeine, morphine and so forth.

The time I felt really uneasy was around the second month, I just knew the ibogaine only could do its job up to that point, I think my body got rid of it. I just dislike naive people who are so quick to jump the gun claiming so and so works but later think differently. There must be a great reason why most ibogaine users relapse and claim the residual symptoms and withdrawals could easily combat ibogaine in their blood.

My final take is that ibogaine does not work for the long run, which is the main problem in todays addicts.

Sid said...

Well, thanks for the lovely comments about me being too weak to kick a 600mg IV daily morphine habit.

Sid said...

Also I've not mentioned depression once.

And what are 'today's addicts'?

Iboga takes away residuals, I'm still taking it daily with no wd symptoms.

ScottishCambell said...

Taking daily ibogaine is still relying on something to feel like your clean. What if it stops working? what if when you stop the root bark you feel shit? you gotta think about that too. I recently came off a methadone habbit with ibogaine in France. somewhere in a farm land and I still had demons. It took away some of the worst withdrawals but demons were still there. I couldnt sleep for a week and I didnt feel happy after couple of week. I was also taking root bark daily but felt if I wanted to be clean and livelike a normal sober person I had to stop the root bark, otherwise you can become dependent on it.

@Sid are you on mindvox? I saw you said you have some little depression. This is normal take it from my experience. I think ibogaine is good in some ways but if you truly want to be clean you cannot rely on it. Not everybody can afford daily root bark and several floods to get clean. Once I stopped the root bark I felt these paws syndrome, this was after taking daily root bark for 1 month straight.

Wayne said...

I was told to take iboga daily or every now and then for couple of months after my initial flood dose to get off methadone. I did that but ran out of iboga after 3 months, then I realised what PAWS are. I cannot keep taking iboga for months and months, this is impossible for majority of us addicts. Not to mention the cost and have ya. Am taking zamorph now. Not sure I want to go through iboga experience again though. I am more worried about PAWS then intial withdrawals if am honest with ya guys. I still had PAWS when my small doses of iboga finished, so it takes more then 3 months for many to be over paws.

Sid said...

Hey man,

I'm sorry to hear your struggling with it :(

Yeah Iboga struggles with methadonne and subutex as we know already.
You may need to take the rootbark boosters for as long as it takes, some people a year or more man.

wouldnt you rather be taking daily RB than heroin?