Saturday, 13 November 2010

Ibogaine 'Nearly' saved my life!

So, I finally went for it!

As any junkie will tell you, the older you get and the longer youve taken opiates the harder it is to get off, I didnt really fancy another rehab, especially as I had never even completed one, so I looked into Ibogaine.

Ibogaine comes from the Iboga plant, a powerful psychadelic, shamanistic healing and sacred in the Bwiti culture of Africa
It's been used for thousands of years by the Bwiti people for healing illness, coming of age rituals for pubescent boys and girls and the whole Bwiti religion has evolved around the plants mystical properties.

In the sixties, a heroin addict called Howard Lotsof took ibogaine recreationally, it wasnt until he realised a few days later that he wasnt in opiate withdrawl and wasnt craving what had happened!

He went on to spread the word and to try and get the drug into a proper medical research programme..

Unfortunately, Ibogaine has been dismissed by the majority of the medical world to have no therapeutic value..... This isnt the case, this is such a powerful drug, the only reason it can not get past various government procedures in my opinion is that its a hallucinigenic

My experience with it..

I took 1.4 grams around 24 hours after my last heroin dose, I went to lay down and started to feel the drug coming on.. Not unpleasant at all

I was shown some images, all in dark purple swirly patterns, the first part of the trip last around 4 hours and just suddenly stops, it then felt like I had cotton wool in my head for the rest of the night..

Im now on day 14, and have unfortunately relapsed.. see latest post!

I can-not recommend this drug enough to any addicts out there that are looking for a way out of addiction..

Another amazing thing about Ibogaine is thats its been used succesfully to treat alcoholism, cocaine addiction, ketamine, speed, and nicotine...

I can honestly say I havent smoked since I took it (after smoking forty a day since I was 14)

This drug has to get more momentum behind it, it could help so many people!
And I will personally do everything I can to spread the word!...

Any questions please just ask....

Im happy to be someones sitter if they want to go through the treatment and have passed the screening process


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