Friday, 26 November 2010

Another relapse

Hmm... so yeah, I relapsed (again)

I got through the first four days after my Ibogaine and the PAWS kicked in.. big time.. I think my methadone use caught up with me and kicked in after the Ibo wore of..

Now this shouldn't have been a problem had I had enough Ibo, but I just didn't, I thought I'd be ok with out the boosters.. wrong!

I couldn't afford it, but really wish I'd saved up and got more now...

Bad timing to relapse too, there's a Europe-wide heroin drought on at the moment, couldn't have timed relapsing worse if i'd tried!

Im surviving on point one of gear a day.. if I can find that.. I sold the last of my green after the detox as I wanted it out the house, and believed i'd detoxed ok.. bad idea. as much as I hat it I bloody wish I had some now!

Anyway, more Ibo is in the post  (14-18 day arrival though) so until that arrives I have no choice but using!

Not good

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