Friday, 26 November 2010

UK Heroin Drought Drags On!

And the drought continues!

I've never known it this bad in fifteen odd years!

A Europe-wide heroin drought is affecting thousands of junkies everywhere!

I, along with the rest of the UK have struggled to find anything for the past month or so.

Is this a good thing? Well no if you have a habit! I've read stories of people giving opiate negative urine tests!
People are in effect withdrawing and cleaning up without knowing it!

Although it's shit, this may actually be the kick up the ass some people need to clean up!
Obviously having the choice taken away isn't nice, but it means addicts up and down the country are finding themselves without tolerance/habits!

The drug services and GP surgeries must be over-run with people trying to get scripted..
Unfortunately there's no standard way of doing things here (in the UK), last time I got a methadone script from a DDU, I had to jump through so many bloody hoops I almost gave up!....

See this counsellor, see your GP with the counsellors letter, your only allowed 30mls and will titrate over a few weeks if your sick (which obviously you are)

I mean im not complaining, if we think we have it hard, try being a junkie in America! Not only do you have to provide clean samples and see counsellors you have to pay for it, AND everything's recorded, so once youv'e recieved any kind of narcotic your forever marked as an addict!

Back in the 80s here all addicts were 'home office registered', and although they now say your personal details aren't used for anything here they obviously are!

On another note, in my experience,  addicts are some of the most sensitive, screwed up, self deprecating individuals you would ever meet, I know I internalise all my shit, and always have, I was sexually abused at a young age and never really dealt with it.. I ended up falling into drugs and by seventeen was determined to get myself a habit.. I mean, wow.. what an amazing feeling heroin gives you, I wasn't depressed for the first time in my life!

How could I not use this drug to hide from the crap in my head!?

Why can the government not give me the dignity of a regular supply of clean, safe, opiates?

I've seen it from both sides, when I cleaned up the first time properly, at 26, I took a degree in counselling and psychotherapy, I had to give it up though as I relapsed and couldn't justify working as a drug counsellor while using! (although many in serious denial do)

Anyway, signing off for the night, some useful/interesting links below


Melissa said...

Hello gleds well i must say this drought has certainly draged on and on.iam from reading berkshire and slough area.there is alot of weird bash and benzo cut shit as you know!things are i trust nobody when they tell me whos got proper gear as its totall shite its like they have forgot what gear is!there is some 6/7 out of 10 (rateing before drought) in reading.when people give me a rateing now i laugh is that for the drought or before?i have been on h and dubz for 7years since age of 15.and i do know my gear unlike many at the the way it duz taste of gear and give you a gouche.whats the work in slough saying?i have read your blog and can tell you are a genuine addict.there so many comments on the web from clueless people who i dont beleive are addicts.the sizes of good gear are p 1z for £10.but this good stuff is at normal price.i panicked when i got it and thought this must be pretty crap to be norm size but it wasnt suprise!i acess the web via my mobile sadly it ent no iphone so its pretty slow.feel free to drop me a email.good melissa xXx.

Sid said...

Think you wrote your comment on the wrong blog lol

Anonymous said...


Up in the teeside area its got abit better early nov 10 there was that gear with the tcp taste in it wonder what that is?but it seems to have got a little better no where near how it was people wanting £120 for henrys and daft amounts for oz's,having to travel south 2hours for something which is prop a 6 at the best cos of the oz's prices crazy!