Thursday, 19 July 2012

New Flood Date Set!

I'm excited!

Everything is coming together great!

My treatment is now planned for the 21st of August. I'll be going on film for part of David graham Scott's follow up documentary to 'detox or die' ... The film is called 'Iboga nights'

My first flood, which was over a year ago now! I did it all totally DIY, with information from the Internet. I didn't really listen when I was warned I'd need boosters, I couldn't really afford it either to be honest, this time I have two friends from my amazing support group on Facebook, 'Ibogaine survivors club' that have offered to come and help out, one is coming from Finland!

The admin of the group posted asking for donations for the iboga and incredibly I was given $400!
This has paid for nearly all the iboga I'm going to need, I was just about to cancel it too!

A couple of personal thank-you's are in order I think, so, Cat & Chris, Chris N, Jenifer B, Brandon I'm so grateful to you!

DGS, Elina and Anthony, thank you for caring enough to give up your time to come and help me!

By the way, we're still taking donations as its going to become a semi-permanent feature of the group, an iboga fund for people that can't afford it.
Please consider donating if you can, at least come and join the group!
We're a great bunch of people in all stages of recovery.
So far about half a dozen people have been helped out financially from the group.

The PayPal address for donations is

I'll be blogging all the way through as I have before, anyone interested will even be able to watch me on film! Lol...

Anyone interested in joining the group, send me your details and I'll add you, it's a closed group which means anything you post is private and won't be visible anywhere on your timeline.
This is the reason most people feel comfortable enough to post honestly and without judgment.
These people have been there for me and never judged and I'm very grateful I found them!


nina said...

I am very interested in your support group can you enroll me or give me the coordinates.
Thank you!

Sid said...

Hi nina.

Wow that was a long time ago!

Actually I left that group, and the PayPal address I have above, belongs to my friend that died in that car crash last year :(

So I guess the help fund doesn't really exist anymore

Although I admin another group, if you search Facebook for: 'Were getting better! (Recovery group)' and request to join