Monday, 23 July 2012

Ibogaine Treatment Centres & Sources

I'm writing this post in response to the enquires I get about seeking treatment and ibogaine.
I'll probably turn this into a page as opposed to a post to a blog post too

So, ibogaine treatment,

As ibogaine is illegal in countries such as the United States, most treatments are either carried out 'underground', there is a network of UG providers thougout the U.S, they usually operate by carrying out the treatment in hotels or their own homes.
This option is a bit hit and miss, there are some great, empathic, caring providers out there but there are also some horror stories about providers preying on desperate addicts, taking deposits and not following through with treatment, under dosing, over charging and a even few cases of sexual assault!

Legal treatments are carried out in Mexico and Canada, these are generally more expensive but if you can afford to then this is definitely the preferred option. As official clinics they usually follow guidelines, meaning medical staff on site, more staff, better organisation and accountability if things go wrong.

If you're serious about doing ibogaine then my biggest piece of advice is, research research research!

There is a huge amount of information online, reviews on clinics, support forums and medical papers. Go join Mindvox mailing list, join a Facebook ibogaine group and ask questions!

Any provider worth their salt will help out your mind at ease and answer any questions you have.

Elsewhere in the world, most countries have providers, I can help point you I the right direction if you want to message me or leave a comment.

From my experiences with it, if I could afford it, id pay for a proper treatment, DIY is difficult, dangerous and usually unsuccessful long term.
An experienced provider will help you from the first email through to long term abstinence strategies.

Some good forums worth joining:

Mindvox - The original ibogaine mailing list
Eboka forum -

Ibogaine sources

IbogaWorld - trusted, reasonably priced, quality ibogaine HCL,TA and Root bark -

Simon Loxton - Simon is a provider and supplier based in Cape Town, South Africa, contact for more details

Cerebus Extract - Online ethnogen supplier, Ibogaine HCL along with ayahuasca, DMT etc...

There are other places to get Ibogaine from but I only have experience with these three

Ibogaine Providers:
UK Ibogaine info
Providers in Europe
Ed Conn, the guy who treated David in 'detox or die' doesn't work or live in the UK anymore.

I'll be updating this page with new providers and vendors as soon as I can verify their honesty and integrity.
The sources I list will always be respected, trusted sources/people.
The world of Ibogaine can me a bit of a minefield so I'll try to take the work out of it all for you!


Fallen Angel... said...

I have read all of your posts about the Ibogaine and I actually have seen the documentary I think about a yer ago. I also was actually watching some show on TV the other day and it was about how ppl kick addictions all around the world and they had a little segmant on opiates and the use of Ibogaine to kick addictions. As you might know I am in the lovely US where if your an addict your basically screwed getting any kind of help to kick any kind of addiction. That is unless your a very wealthy celebrity or just plain wealthy. Then of course its looked at as a horrible sad disease and your sent to the best places and givin the best care and so on and so forth. Being as I am a regular person who is not even well off let alone wealthy I am not particularly seen as having a horrible asd disease I am seen as having more of a horrible lifestyle or just a plain horrible person. Specialy givin I am a mother and wife and live what most consider the "American Dream". I am really interested in looking into Ibogaine further and I have let my husband read all your stuff on it as well and he is actually very supportive of me tryingh to see what I can do to maybe try it. I know its not legal in the US but you said there is places you can do it plus the clinics in MX and CAND. I was wondering if since its legal in MX and CAND if being a US citizen I would be allowed to go over to one of those countries since they are in driving distance and get the treatment there? The whole UG thing kinda scares me. There is to many shaddy ppl that are far to willing to take advantage of someone when they know they are at the point they are willing to do just about anything to get their self better and get their life back. So any info you have on being in the US and trying to get Iboga please send my way. You can email me if it would be easier. Thanks and sorry for such a lengthy comment!!

Sid said...

Hiya Fallen, nice to hear from you again.

Yes, as a U.S citizen you can travel to Mexico for treatment, a lot of people do.

As I said, Eric Taub is the guy to go to in Mexico, you can contact him here, his clinic is the 'I begin again' clinic
e-mail :
Call toll free: 1-866-518-0116

I'd really recommend going to a proper clinic if you can afford it, for a standard opiate detox you shouldn't be paying more than around $7,500

The alarm bells should start ringing if your quoted much more that that.

Another good clinic in Mexico is 'The dream house'

With regards to Canada, there is a guy there called Matt Zielinski, I've heard some good things about him but also a few very angry complaints so it's up to you if you want to do your own research on him!

Are you on Facebook? I can add you to a great group with lots of knowledgable people that know more than I do about the ibogaine scene in the states..

Tom said...

Hiya Sid..Am from the UK and looking for Iboga to detox from Subutex.

Can you give me a few providers please?



Sid said...

Hi Tom,

Can you drop me an email on

I've purposely not made it public as its such a grey area still the main provider in the uk doesn't advertise as such, I have to respect that but I can pass on his details privately



Sid said...

I should mention too Tom, that even ibogaine struggles with sub detoxes. Sub is just so competitive ibogaine struggles with it. It can be done but good providers will always ask you to reduce as low as you can and/or swap to a shorter acting opiate where possible ie. MST or even heroin for at least a month. A longer dosing protocol can be used, the ibogaine dosed over a few days as opposed to one large flood can work but the general consensus is to reduce your dose and swap to a SAO. If you wanna drop me an email I'll put you in touch with better ore knowledgable people anyway.. If it was Edward Conn you were looking for he no longer does treatments or lives in the UK even