Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Adulterated Heroin In Hackney


Release has received reports of dangerously adulterated heroin circulating in the Hackney area. It seems to be wide spread among local 'shotters'/street dealers. It is medium dark and appears to run on foil but we have had a couple of reliable reports from users and their friends suggesting that it has an opiate-type rapid onset of action (by smoking) but within twenty minutes to half an hour observers became concerned about disorientation, confusion, loss of co-ordination and loss of memory in users. The reports also state that the initial taste is usual, but the after taste is ‘strongly chemical’.
We suspect that it may be cut with a benzodiazepine and/or possibly Gabapentin/Pregabalin. There is a chance the benzodiazepine of concern is Alprazolam, a very strong form of benzodiazepines, or a pre-operative hypnotic benzodiazepine Midazolam (where users appear to be knocked for a couple of days). Benzodiazepines and opiates are dangerous mix in general, with profound effects on the respiratory system, and these benzodiazepines are particularly strong. With regards to potential cut with Gabapentin/Pregabalin, these are again very strong drugs, used in treatment of chronic pain/epilepsy and there are reports that these in combination with opiates can cause the above effects seen in this potential new batch.
We saw similar adulteration in the heroin shortage of 2010 which caused greater problems afterwards, when there was a high risk of overdose with batches that were not cut as strongly.


gabe said...

midazolam is pretty short acting so wouldn't think it'd knock you out for days. Temazepam and Nitrazepam are much longer acting hypnotics - if hypnotics are being used. I've seen footage of heroin users in pakistan and their heroin is cut with 'restoril' aka temazepam just to help them nod/get knocked out easier.

Tbh I'd be more concerned about the anthrax..good to let people know though, some less fortunate of us have ridiculously hammered gaba receptors anyhow.

gabe said...

ps - alprazolam does taste absolutely horrid in powder form.