Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Just a quick post.

My old psychiatrist, Vanessa Crawford is now on twitter!
She is seriously the first and only doctor that I felt really gave a shit about me.
Sadly due to NHS budget cuts she left east London and went to work for another trust.
A real shame, she's sorely missed at my local addiction unit.

She's highly respected in her field, addiction, regularly giving talks at conferences etc
She's a credit to her profession.. If you hadn't noticed I think she's bloody marvellous! Haha

So, yes, she's on twitter now, under the username 'addictionpsych'
She's happy to answer questions about drugs, addiction treatment in the UK and so on
I highly recommend you follow her!

While your there, I'm on twitter too as 'exheroinjunkie'

That's all for now folks! :) 

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